SalafisnmW. R. Collier Jr- If your first reaction to the Paris attacks is to talk about being more open and welcome to Muslims and if you essentially blame the French society for not “assimilating” the Muslim population then you are NOT a serious person.

The reason Muslims are not assimilated into French society is the same reason they are not assimilating ANYWHERE (except the US): many harbor an imperialist ideology called Salafism (of which Wahabism is a type) which precludes them from adopting the openess, tolerance, and pacific behavior toward one’s neighbors that is valued in the West.

We do not need to become jingoistic or anti-Muslim, but right now parts of the Islamic world is PREDOMINATED by the Salafist ideology in its various forms, including Saudi Wahabism. Salafism is the problem and it is an ideology that hijacks Islam. Sadly, according to multiple surveys, it is not a mere fringe of Muslims who embrace Salafism to some degree, albeit in some Muslim countries most everyone rejects it (UAE comes to mind). In places like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan (from whence all these so-called “refugees” hail) Salafism is the predominant ideology in most every mosque!

Salafism must be confronted, its adherents must be shunned and shamed, by everyone, including Muslims who reject this religio-fascist ideology. We must stop promoting “democracy” and start fighting Salafism in the Islamic world. Salafism kills more Muslims every year than all the other targets of Salafist jihad combined. Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries must be expected to disassociate from Salafism and assimilate into the culture and society in which they live (as MOST American Muslims do).

All Salafist entities must be shunned and shamed and these include:

The Saudi royal family 
The Palestinian Authority
The Pakistani Government
The Iranian Mullahs
The Taliban
The Muslim Brotherhood
The Council on American-Islamic Relations

And any other group of any individual that embraces Salafism in any form.

Salafism, in short, is a fascist ideology of religious imperialism based on the idea of a world-dominating “Caliphate” under the “sharia” of the most archaic and brutal interpretation of Islamic doctrines. Salafism is pernicious and evil and sorting out what persons and what entities embrace Salafism in some form, and confronting those that do, is the only proper course of action.

We must not go to war with Islam, we must go to war with Salafism!