By William Collier- If the vision of our spiritual nation, called Upadaria, is fulfilled it will never be imposed by laws or force, it will be pursued from the heart by willing people in freewill covenant association with God and each other. No gurus, no lording over others, no centralized hierarchical power structures will exist.

We are absolutely opposed to all forms of racism, bigotry and intolerance, cultism or cultish behavior, exploitation, violence, and violations of human dignity and human rights!

We will work to free people from:

– Cultish entanglements or actual cults which violate our humanity and dignity and replace God with man in any way

– Life controlling addictions of any kind, be it substance abuse, porn, gambling, or whatever comes before God in your life and your fulfillment of God’s best for your life

– Abuse and exploitation, including human trafficking and abusive relationships as well as child abuse and sexual exploitation of minors

– Mental health, cognitive decline, and disabilities for which the medical system has failed them

– Crippling debt and irresponsible consumerism that renders you poor or always near financial ruin

– Dependency on systems and structures or people and institutions that don’t have God’s best for their lives in mind and that inhibit their fulfillment

– Prejudice, racism, xenophobia, or any form of caste structures or systems that deny their humanity and dignity as well as any adoption of these things which reduces a person’s humanity toward their fellow man

– Exploitation of their labor and person for the profit of others in an imbalanced relationship wherein they are rendered powerless

– Religious or other persecution and denial of their humanity and dignity in the eyes of God and violations of their God-ordained spiritual sovereignty and basic human rights

– Fraud and abuse by any official or corporate power that renders them powerless or robs them in any way of this dignity, wealth, or property

These and other evils inflicted upon humans by other humans, often in the name of utopian promises or bogeymen fears, are not to be named among those who fly our flag or adopt our spiritual nationality.  We will work together, as God prospers us and provides, to first ensure these things do not prosper among us and then to confront them and liberate people from their reach and control.

We intend to provide teachings, resources, and practical services to liberate people from these types of things. Our focus is on promoting our way of life and providing alternatives to health care, energy, food and nutrition, housing, family services, mental health, financial services, and more stemming from our core beliefs and on the basis of freewill covenant association between individuals.

Our approach is to fulfill our vision on the basis of freewill covenant association and to engage the civic and political arena mostly to ensure our freedom and liberty to pursue our way of life in dignity and peace so long as we do no harm to others, while respecting this basic human right in regards to other people.

We will broadcast our vision and impart our beliefs, values, and convictions and people will freely decide how much, if any, of these things they will use in fulfilling God’s best for their own lives.

The Upadarian way of life and culture is ours by choice, we do not pursue it as a claim against anyone else’s rights to live as they choose or to build their own sociocultural bonds and associations as they see fit. We want a depolitization of cultural life and a liberation of the individual from constraints against their basic humanity, dignity, and human rights.

We are FOR our way of life, we are not AGAINST anyone else. We renounce and eschew all intolerance, bigotry, and discrimination. We believe WE were born to live this kind of life, not that YOU were necessarily born with the same desires, orientation, or needs as us. That is up to you.

We call those who feel they were born to such a life and orientation as us to consider becoming a peer of our spiritual nation, which you can do without paying anything or joining any organization. We do no argue or make any demands about your own choices or orientation or how you believe you were born or what you feel you are meant to be or do in your life.

Our orientation is heterosexual, monogomous, and familial to its core: it is not a judgment or condemnation in human terms of anyone else. In other words, just because our freewill covenant association is between and among people of this same orientation doesn’t mean we have no other relationships or associations with others on the broader basis of our shared humanity and dignity.

Our vision for the greater society is a free and pluralistic society of mostly freewill covenant associations at the community level and massive devolution of real governmental and corporate power to the individual, their family, and their community.

Even in our planned “hubs” we intend to build a pluralistic society which is inclusive of the wider world without compromising our own heartfelt convictions and beliefs. This includes not denying equal access and rights on any basis, including orientation or lifestyle so long as you do no harm to others.

If we “reform” our world around us it will only be by example and only in the name of depolitization of cultural life and liberty for all. But our political agenda is mostly focused on creating legal structures that are respected by governments by which we can pursue our way of life in freedom and peace.

Everything we are about is mostly exercised on a purely freewill covenant association basis among ourselves, asking of political powers only their respect for our inherent rights to self-determination, self-reliance, and self-preservation.