Once again, the tactic of creating legislation with innocuous, even inspiring titles that describe the opposite intent of the bill continues in Washington DC with the Media Shield Bill.  The actual purpose of the bill, Constitutional Conservatives would argue, is to create a special, approved by the government, class of ‘journalists’ and open up the door for the government to aggressively go after the citizen journalists rising in America today.

media shield

As the co-founder of a local newspaper, The Tioga Freedomist, founded on this return to our American heritage of a fourth estate manned by citizen journalists, we are watching very carefully the attempts by the statists to undermine and destroy the basic protections of the 1st amendment.  The use of the State to accredit and approve the proper press is not new to human history.  In every nation where the state is the enforcer of the “Unity” of that State’s values and beliefs, it has always been necessary for the state to be able to manage the press.

The fact that this legislation is being given serious consideration in our Senate should give all Americans serious pause.  Today, the target is conservative, tea party, and constitutional citizen journalists, tomorrow it might be you.