Baltimore Riots- What do they tell us about this city?

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Opinion/Editorial By Bill Collier- The people of Baltimore own what happened there. No, it wasn’t a small group of people: the rioters were in the thousands and the community itself did not stand up to stop them. The so-called “leaders” asked cops to back off, claiming they could calm things down. In one scene, I saw live on Fox News, a city councilman intoned this promise while, behind him, people were looting a liquor store. And nobody stopped them. Clergy were seen praying in the street: the mob went around them and kept acting, well, like an unruly mob. I also saw “clergy” buy into the hate-filled rhetoric and justify the “anger” of the mob, while “regretting” the violence.

The rhetoric of hate has propagandized many inner city youth, rhetoric supplied by ultra-leftist ideologues, rhetoric that claims all white people are racist while even if a non-white hates all whites that’s not racist and that’s excusable. The state of affairs in that city is the result of left-wing policies that create poverty, and the voters in those cities return socialists to power over and over again who, when they fail to deliver on their undeliverable utopian promises, resort to the bogeyman of so-called “institutional racism.” The whole “white privilege” campaign, in which white people are deemed racist and the guilt of people long dead is imputed to them, is a classic example of how leftist ideologues foment violence in this country by making white people who disagree with leftist policies into criminals or subhumans.

The progress in so-called “race relations” is ignored, and people who face only the results of socialist policies and of streets owned by the culture of rap music think themselves oppressed! Sure, there is racism and I have written about it often, but this is not the reason why the people in Baltimore have fewer opportunities than other communities. If a city of 650,000 cannot make its own opportunities it is 100% the fault of the people and leaders of that city: “whitey” is not preventing Baltimore from adopting pro-freedom, pro-growth, and civilized policies. “Whitey” isn’t preventing parents, teachers, and elected leaders from adding policies in school that ensure safety and demand and enforce high academic standards. Whitey is not stopping people from turning off the dehumanizing rap music with its hate filled lyrics that celebrate thuggery. Whitey is not preventing people from forming crime watch groups to do real community policing.

Baltimore burned and took a major economic hit last night because of hate and violence which the ultra-leftist politicians (more concerned with “class warfare” and “race war” than real progress) and their lapdogs in the pulpits of local churches have stirred up in the hearts of their own children. Baltimore burned because the leaders and people in those neighborhoods stood by and let it burn.

People who fail to take control over their own collective future and who fail to own responsibility for the results of the thug culture and ultra-leftist policies they either support or fail to stand up against do not have a right to demand that others pay for their mistakes. Baltimore city has enough people and resources to become totally self-reliant, to have good schools and safe streets, and to adopt measures that promote commerce and economic growth. It has chosen, through election after election, to return leaders to power who excuse their own failed policies by inflaming race hate against the white man, especially if he is not a leftist, and creating an external enemy to distract people from the real enemy: their so-called political and spiritual leaders, all of whom are owned by that same failed ideology.

What happened in Baltimore is the fruit of years of ultra-leftist (socialist) rhetoric and policies.

Were there victims? Sure, a minority of people tried to say no to this. But the majority, who could have stopped this if they wanted to, did not and would not. They whined to the media but stood by idly as the youth, whom the culture and ideology they themselves have nurtured had long instilled such hate and rage in, torn down their own community.

The only aid I would endorse is tax credits or emergency assistance to anyone who wishes to leave that disgraced city.

I oppose all aid to that city. They did this. They alone must fix it. Anyone who is fed up with the culture of hate and violence that fills that city should leave: they should not ask for or expect one red cent from the state of Maryland or the taxpayers of America to rebuild what they have torn down themselves. They simply do not deserve it.

Here is a sample of the Baltimore riots: