In an historic dismantling, Economic Historian Niall Ferguson exposes once and for all the truth of progressive economist, Paul Krugman.  We thought we’d share this dismemberment of the leading progressive voice of statist economics with our readers, one lovely part at a time.  So keep watching- we will be exposing Krugman’s destruction at the hands of Niall Ferguson over the next few days.  This is part two:

Much Bigger Than The Shutdown: Niall Ferguson’s Public Flogging Of Paul Krugman

Ralph Benko

How Niall Ferguson destroyed Paul Krugman and his band of merry bloggers once and for all
For too long, Paul Krugman has exploited his authority as an award-winning economist and his power as a New York Times columnist to heap opprobrium on anyone who ventures to disagree with him. Along the way, he has acquired a claque of like-minded bloggers who play a sinister game of tag with him, endorsing his attacks and adding vitriol of their own. I would like to name and shame in this context Dean Baker, Josh Barro, Brad DeLong, Matthew O’Brien, Noah Smith, Matthew Yglesias and Justin Wolfers. Krugman and his acolytes evidently relish the viciousness of their attacks, priding themselves on the crassness of their language.