In an historic dismantling, Economic Historian Niall Ferguson exposes once and for all the truth of progressive economist, Paul Krugman.  We thought we’d share this dismemberment of the leading progressive voice of statist economics with our readers, one lovely part at a time.  So keep watching- we will be exposing Krugman’s destruction at the hands of Niall Ferguson over the next few days.  This is part four:

Much Bigger Than The Shutdown: Niall Ferguson’s Public Flogging Of Paul Krugman

Ralph Benko

How Niall Ferguson destroyed Paul Krugman and his band of merry bloggers once and for all
He reprises the coup de grace — that Krugman is guilty of behavior unbecoming to a gentleman and a scholar — at Project Syndicate, in Civilizing the Marketplace of Ideas:

Finally – and most important – even if Krugman had been “right about everything,” there would still be no justification for the numerous crude and often personal attacks he has made on those who disagree with him. Words like “cockroach,” “delusional,” “derp,” “dope,” “fool,” “knave,” “mendacious idiot,” and “zombie” have no place in civilized debate. I consider myself lucky that he has called me only a “poseur,” a “whiner,” “inane” – and, last week, a “troll.”

The Huffington Post reports, after the fact, that Paul Krugman Says He’s Not Responding to Niall Ferguson (But Kind of Does).  Krugman’s plovers, of course, have recourse to their pathetic, characteristic, tactic in defense of their idol: snark. “Business Insider’s Josh Barro probably offers the best take because it includes a Lindsay Lohan reference: ‘Niall Ferguson will teach us the importance of humility! Presumably in the same manner that Lindsay Lohan can teach us the importance of sobriety.’”

A fish, indeed, rots from the head.

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