Before DOMA was destroyed, before President Obama ended “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”, homosexuality in the military was accepted, but only tacitly so.  Now, homosexuality is not only accepted, but is becoming the official military party line.  If you have any disagreement with homosexuality, if your faith, specifically your Christian faith, leads you to a different conclusion than the military party line, you are now the one who will be targeted, removed, perhaps even arrested and imprisoned.

christian militaryChristianity has become the new dirty word in our military.  The new “don’t ask, don’t tell” is this- it’s ok for you to be a Christian, but keep your faith secret, or you will be removed.  The next step, I believe, will be this- you must prove you are not a Christian, you must denounce Christ before you can enter the progressive statist military this President and his supporters are attempting to build.

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