WE THE PEOPLE has not really been tried....

WE THE PEOPLE has not really been tried….

People are leaning to the left these days because they feel like the system is rigged against them, and against the people. But “WE THE PEOPLE” has not really been tried in this country in the manner intended by those who penned those words.
There are three key factors which cause people to lean left:
1. People no longer feel that they have a fair and free shot even if they follow the rules and work hard because they can see our economic stagnation has caused actual wages to stay steady while profits and wealth have increased and not to their benefit
2. People no longer feel that the rich and successful have gotten to that place honestly and that the wealth they have come to possess was legitimately earned- few are jealous of the wealth itself but they doubt that it was deserved
3. People know too well that they cannot possibly have a better life than their parents no matter how hard they are working and they see that they will never ever be able to have enough given the current system
But at the root of all these objections, which are very real and justified, is the fact that true free market capitalism with a perfectly competitive market has been undermined from the left and the right. We do not have a free market economy. We have a managed market with some competition within a regimen controlled by the collusion of politicos and elite bankers.
Arguing that our problem is capitalism is laughable. Likewise, we don’t have socialism, now that I think about it- socialism’s promise is to socialize the costs and benefits of production for the common good. I think this is Utopian dreaming, but it is far from what the left in this country are producing, their socialist schemes empower the top and remove power from the bottom and are, therefore, not true socialism. Call it corporativism, except that even Italy’s corporativism was superior to what these people are doing.
We have a politocracy- where politics controls everything from culture to the market and everything else while very few people actually control politics, and by few people I don’t even mean the puppets who win “elections” by a combination of marketing, propaganda, technical means, and manipulation.
Popular socialism controlled at the community level or unfettered free market capitalism that is equitable and fair are both better options than this politocracy. The difference between right and left is the left prefers a politocracy that favors the bureaucracy controlled by the bankers while the right favors corporations controlled by the SAME bankers.
Come to think of it, our politocracy is controlled by bankers and that really points to the need to have a sound people-powered currency backed by gold to take power away from these elites who control the left and right, who allow their mid-level servants to right it out whole always coming out on top themselves.
The objections to our system are real and justified. But it is a measure of the sheer cleverness of the banker elite that they keep us flipping and flopping left to right in a charade that keeps them out of sight, out of mind, but totally in control. Leaning left may satisfy that itch to get back at the people who are making money on our backs, or so the thinking goes, but it won’t solve the underlying problem- our lack of an economy controlled by the PEOPLE.