By Bill Collier- My speciality is breaking political and international intelligence and covering major, breaking news live. My vision for Freedomist remains twofold: to promote the creation of a people-powered free press all over thw world and to restore freedom through virtue, liberty and indepdnence based on the UPDR Ideals and the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights.

I am the Publisher and the Editor. My goal here is to obtain enough sponsors, see our Business Directory, to cover overhead and begin paying part-time stringers. Our focus is going to be hard breaking and headline news, global news, what I call freedom news (from politics to tech), and movement news for and about freedom activists all over the world.

I really want to cover news that is not reported or that is under-reported in the US media.

I will be working to feed raw news from other conservative and pro-freedom websites and organizations, so you have a one-stop shop for a variety of news sources.

I will also have news feeds from a variety of sources you and I may disagree with, to both promote dialogue and give unusual perspectives.

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