The Freedomist will be rolling out these sections over time, although this will tale some time. We will roll these sections out as we add content to them over time, and that content will include news aggregations with its own page, blog posts to that section, video, and memes.

Freedomist Presidential Watch

As the Mirror President of the Freedomist States of America, a virtual simulation of the United States of America, it is my job to report on the activities of our President as well as to communicate to the President, or the White House in general, about how YOU, fellow freedom activists, feel. You will also see a daily recap of White House activities and priorities.

Freedom Activism Report

Look here for activism news and links to recent content from around the web written by and for freedom activists, with news on events, personalities, controversies, and more. Use the contact form below to add your organization to our Freedomist Activist Web Directory.

Global Freedom Report

Look for news and links to recent content from around the world covering the never-ending battle against the global war on freedom that is being conducted by the politocracy. We’ll cover news and events you won’t see covered, and we’ll link to various news and commentary sources with a unique perspective. Subscribe to the daily Global Freedom Report and don’t miss an important story.

Freedomist News And Commentary

This will be news and commentary from myself and others who agree with The Freedomist Pledge as a condition of being part of our team. eventually, we will have news and other blogs for contributors which will be connected to this site.

Freedom Perspectives

Here we will offer space to people whether or not they agree with The Freedomist, so you can see various different perspectives. Perspectives will comes from a wide variety of people, including classical liberals, libertarians, minarchists, and more. Inclusion as a Perspectives contributor does not equal endorsement.