The management of The Freedomist is now the responsibility of Regal Blue Media, owned by one of the founders and the Publisher of the Freedomist since 2008. As the other entity is being retired, this became necessary, though the partners continue to be committed to working together in other ventures, especially internet marketing and other services.

My name is Bill Collier and I will become the Publisher and Director of what will be a Freedomist Community and network of blogs and websites run by and for “Freedomists”, people who are dedicated to the upholding the spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights and freedom rooted in virtue, liberty, and independence. We also promote the UPDR Ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law as a core governance and lifestyle discipline.

In short, we are going to transition back to a more freedomist activation community, with conservative news and content, including hosted blogs, possibly yours. This will take time. Some of our future projects could include:

1. User blogs with a focus on freedom building issues, especially expertise regarding different subjects and watchdog journalism from a conservative perspective

2. Freedomist forums and groups  for freedom builders to connected and collaborate and share insights regarding current events

3. A Freedomist Simulated Government with sim officials shadowing actual Federal officials and offices and reporting to a broader Freedomist Congress. These sim officials will report on their designated official or office and also, at the direction of the Freedomist Congress, they will correspond to those officials to advocate for freedom

4. Freedomist Clubs will form in local areas and both provide mutual support for freedom builders and work to establish a local free press according to our principles and values as Freedomist

5. The Freedomist Party USA will endorse candidates of any part, or independents, based in their adherence to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights, it will conduct activism, and it may even promote an election boyocott if good candidates are not on the ballot

This is bold and ambitious, and we are far from achieving these aims at present. We will begin to focus on activism news, including news from other conservative pro family and pro America groups and events around the country. We want to create a useful portal for news any freedom builders will find helpful.