and what we stand for…

An idea for FORCING elected officials and people with a public trust (e.g
Corporate heads) to RESPECT our liberty.

The idea here is to create a nationwide network for citizens to shadow and engage with elected officials.

This would be called The Freedomist Congress with Delegates who track and engage key people, such a members of the House or Senate, State governors, and heads of key US institutions and corporations.

These Citizen Delegates would be assisted by a 5-10 member Committee of Consituents shadow every person who has a public trust in government and in major national institution. The whole Congress of these Delegates, who take orders from their Committee, governs the Movement.

Each of these Committees would have a group in The American Freedomist Movement’s social networking site which could have many members.

(NOTE: this site does exist now under a different name, it used to be called Team Sarah but needs reinvigoration, it was renamed The American Vanguard Movement a few years back and still has over 78,000 original members.)

If we just complain as individuals it isn’t really powerful. But if we organize and show these people we can deliver votes and donations, or withhold them, then even if they don’t like it, they’ll obey.

Out of curiosity would you like to become a Delegate to shadow someone like your Congress critter or the heads of major corporations? Or would you like to serve on a Committee Of Consituents to assist a Delegate and help shape our Movement?

That’s what we HOPE we can do, IF enough people want to do this with us.

What are we for?

-We are for liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights and America’s spiritual constitution of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law

– We are for Unity in diversity based on a common love for the Bill of Rights and our Judeo-Christian foundations and centered on our shared identity and purpose as a nation of nation and a union of free individuals, of nationalities, and of free and sovereign United People’s Democratic Republics

– We are for Popular sovereignty through a devolution of political and economic power to the people in their families, private entities, free associations, and local communities and based on the inherent spiritual sovereignty of every person

– We are for a Democratic equality focused on mutual respect for human dignity that can only come from a meritocracy through the agency of a freedom economy based on Capitalism that is freed from cronyism and socialism

– We are for a Rule of law that is firmly rooted in our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, and the laws of nature and of nature’s God and which is consented to by all, beneficial to all, and enforced justly and fairly without favor or prejudice

– We are for America’s manifest destiny as the cradle of a new civilization based on Judeo-Christian ideals and as an empire of liberty

-We are for a freedom economy and universal prosperity through a people-powered Capitalism that is freed from the interference of cronies and socialists