Bill Collier- Democracy, Churchill claimed, was a terrible form of government, but all the other forms were worse. But if you consider such factors as longevity, stability, peace, and relative stability, democracy is in fact at least no better than other forms of government and probably worse in some ways. As HL Mencken said, every election is an advance auction on stolen property. The flaw of democracy is that it basically becomes the majority “eating” the minority and power is won by giving things away through excessive taxes and sent spending, which the politician himself of herself is not accountable for. 

America is in crisis, but few realize that this is an existential crisis which will eventually result in a failed state, if history is our guide. There is not much good to say about our trajectory- we are being overrun by foreign IDEAS that fundamentally oppose our national identity and values, we are digging a debt hole from which escape may soon be impossible, we are morally and spiritually corrupting our children, we are destroying the fabric of society, which is the family led by a natural mother and father, and of course our political decision-making process is corrupted and torn, incapable of making hard choices with any kind of speed. History says that when a society reaches this point it must either rebuild a new foundation based on what it knows worked from its past OR it will be destroyed. 

People like to claim that America is a republic. In 1913 America adopted structural changes to her republican form of government that rendered us a representative democracy, not a republic. We replaced State government appointed Senators with elected Senators, thus gutting the best check against Federal excess, as state governments would compel their Senators to resist centralization of powers. We instituted the direct income tax, allowing for massive wealth redistribution from people and states to the Federal power. We created a centralized banking system (Federal Reserve) that empowers global bankers and gives them control over our very currency. All these things ended our republic, though few understood that then and even now.

Representative democracy is not the path forward. Either it must end and some form of a republic be restored or the United States of America will end. I am not saying this will happen today, or very soon, though one can never be sure. The poison is still working its black magic on the whole body, it could take 30 to 60 years to kill the whole experiment.

There is a path forward. But it is not simple or easy, and it could take a generation to reach its highest goals. It runs the risk of being too little, too late. 

The truth is that winning Federal and State elections can, at best, slow down the slide into the pit, but even winning an election doesn’t mean anything at all will happen- consider how the Republicans with everything they asked us to give them have basically spent their time attacking the President and offering lame excuses. They have not stopped catering to the radical leftist news media to win the approval of news room editors. And so, having taken over 1000 state and federal seats from the far left Democratic Party and having won the House, the Senate, and the White House, the Republicans have done nothing but continue to push America further down the drain.

While I propose that the path to save America should be clear and self-evident once explained, I am not certain a society in such an advanced state of decline will muster the resources and support needed to make this happen. 

Saving America requires a three-pronged movement, or three movements that have the same end goal, which is to return power and wealth from the elite few to the people in their families and communities until most every aspect of your life is controlled by you and the people you choose to associate with or live beside.

The first movement needs to be a self-reliance and autonomous living movement that empowers people to be materially and economically independent of the current system to meet their basic needs- this is a socioeconomic and cultural movement, or movements, with a major focus on local cooperation and collaboration between families.  It must be rooted in families based on natural mothers and fathers with their children, because such families are the fabric of advanced civilization.

The second movement needs to restore citizen control at the very local level and win local elections for officials who adhere to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights and who agree to obey Town Meeting style gatherings of their electors. Restoring solid leadership on as many locales as possible, and being prepared to assume whatever greater roles will be needed if and when Federal and State powers devolve is vital. The aim is to see that local people directly control their local government and that such governments maintain first loyalty to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights as the basis of their legitimacy.

The third movement must be a citizen powered free press movement that can compete with and replace all the partisan leftist media as the most trusted news source and opinion shaper in each locale. This must be local, because at this level a free press can in fact win more loyalty and trust than all other news media at every level, but competing with the leftist news media on any kind of scale beyond the very local would be difficult. 

So we see autonomous living based on the family unit of father and mother in marital union and in connection with other families, a local government that adheres to the Bill of Rights and obeys local Town Meetings, and a true citizen powered local free press that cooperates regionally and nationally as a more trusted alternative to the leftwing press are the three prongs of an attack that will destroy the global bankers and their minions. They will lose lower one heart, one home, and one community at a time, they will bleed from a thousand cuts.

Once these three things take root and most US communities are heavily influenced by autonomous family living, local freedom communities, and a real free press, then it will be impossible for the central powers controlled by the elites to impose their will and manipulate public opinion.

This is essentially the Freedomist’s long-term vision, to foster, promote, and nurture such a movement and imform, educate, empower, and equip people to launch such movements and activities where they live. While I propose to create Freedomist entities to promote these things, I also intend to work with and promote any existing efforts along these lines and seek alliances with them.

This does not mean we can forget about State and Federal elections. As a tactical matter, they matter. So I am proposing the Freedomist Party USA to both address those elections and promote the concept and practice of freedom communities. I am proposing the Freedomist Guard to create a local voice and ultimate a local free press for freedom. I am proposing The Freedomist Society, with member Societies, to promote autonomous living among families in communities. 

To get this going we need to be able to produce content, advertise to an audience, pay for skilled staff, and hold events where we can impart these ideas and practices and people can either join a Freedomist group or form their own. This requires resources we do not have. 

Therein is the rub. Unless and until we find supporters, the Freedomist can do little more than document the decline and fall of the USA. It seems that our present society, and the people who could easily support such an effort as I propose, is incapable of  responding to such a call. 

To return to the theme. We need an autonomous living movement rooted in families and communities; we need a freedom community movement that elects local officials who obey the Bill of Rights and the Town Meetings of their electors; and we need a local free press that has more influence than the leftist media. All the while we need news and information, training and resources, and a way to influence State and Federal elections as a tactical necessity. 

There is no silver bullet. And we have to work in obscurity and in the wilderness, early victories will be hard to come by. Even as we start winning, the road is decades long. Many of us won’t be alive to taste the final victory, if it comes. Our battle is spiritual and then cultural and economic, and then it is political and broadly social. Merely getting an election win still leaves the apparatus of the leftist power structure controlled by the globalist freedom-takers in place. We have to destroy that structure and replace it at the local level, or we are fighting a losing war.

Self-reliant people who control their local governments directly and who control their own news media are far more powerful than some elite pencil pusher at a state capital or in Washington D.C. who works for the interest of the elite few at the expense of the many. 

I have a blueprint to make this happen. In fact, given around $30 million per year and 5 years, I am convinced we would see at least 30% of all local communities firmly controlled by free men and women, and that will be the foundation for a national renewal that may takes decades to complete, but that will definitely see every day get better for us and darker for our political enemies.

As it stands, neither myself or anyone who may have similar ideas, with a track record to prove their veracity and skill, is getting anything like this in support. That is unfortunate and reflects the reality that already it may be too late, because anything less than such a plan with such a level of support will not do. 

Until then, if you want to track the demise of the USA and see ways you can position yourself and your family to escape what could come next, stay tuned right here.