Paul Gordon Collier


A Swedish woman, Ellinor Grimmark, was fired for refusing to perform abortions in her capacity as a midwife in Swedish hospitals. The hospitals are being sued by a Scandinavian Civil Rights group, Alliance for Defending Freedom-Europe,  over the firing.

According the the lawsuit, the Jönköping County Council  passed a new regulation that all mid-wives must agree to perform abortions to be employed.  Three hospitals complied with the order, with the support of the County Council.  Offers made to mid-wives for employment were revoked if the mid-wives failed to agree with the requirement to perform abortions.

The senior legal counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom-Europe, Roger Kiska,  stated  “In a civil society in this day and age, it is shocking that we are denying one of the most fundamental of human rights, the right to conscience.  A society has truly lost its way when it excludes someone from the healthcare profession merely because they want to bring human life into the world rather than destroying it.”

The Civil Rights group is appealing the decision to the Swedish courts, claiming the ruling by the Jönköping County Council violated Grimmark’s religious liberties.

The case has garnered worldwide attention.