William R Collier Jr- If you look in the Book of Revelation, in chapter 22, you find that nations exist, and kings. It says all the kings of the nations cone to Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Israel are the only homeland mentioned in the New Heavens and the New Earth, and the location of this homeland has already been eternally set. 

Israel is an eternal homeland, at least for Christians and Jews, and even to some extent to Muslims, which is the one piece of land God reserves into Himself for His exclusive use. It is sort of like a tithe of all the land of this earth unto God. 

But Israel is a land in turmoil, caught between competing and warring factions including Muslims, Christians, and Jews, but also between factions among them, all buying for preeminence. And yet, in the end, the land belongs only to God, and not to man, and who He lets in, is who He lets in.

One group often overlooked are the Samaritan Israelite people, who number only around 800 souls. These peopke are rooted in the land, they claim to be descendents of Israel, the 10 tribes, and their High Priest claims to be a direct descendent of Aaron himself. Accused of not being Israelites by the Jews, who claimed they were Assyrian settlers, the irony is that if you want to get in touch with the most ancient Hebrew traditions and cultures, the Samaritan Israelite community is a great starting point.

On our journey, we are going to, we hope, connect with all these communities in the Holy Land, but especially the Samaritans, who have been forgotten by so many, and who may indeed hold the key to peace. 

We will connect with Jews, and even Messianic or “completed” Jews who accept Jesus as the Messiah, with Arabs, with Christians, and with the Samaritan Israelite community. It is one thing to read about or hear about these peoples, but quite another to be around then.

What strikes me is that, of all the homelands that have ever existed, Israel and the Levant in general are the only eternal homeland which many, including Christians, Jews, and Muslims, believe will remain a homeland for God’s exclusive use for eternity. From the beginning of time this was ordained, and it will be so forever. There are few places in this earth, if any, for we Christians or for the Jews and even the SamaritanIsraelite community that bear such singular eternal significance. Every person who feels connected to this land by spiritual ties should find a way to visit and see past the present into the distant history and far into the eternal future.