In the 31st State Senate District in Illinois Lennie Jarratt’s bid to be the new State Senator is getting national attention among rank and file conservative activists. Jarratt, a long-time proven fighter for conservative causes and values, has won the admiration and support of many of his peers as a faithful defender of freedom for all against the encroachment of big brother government.

Jarrat’s own story in private and public employment as well as in his own business, providing web design services, is a typical American story these days- an honest, hard-working citizen whose greatest obstacles seem to be the big brother government policies coming from Washington DC and Springfield Illinois. When Jarratt learned that his bank would get more money, thanks to government policies, to foreclose on him after an 11 month period of unemployment than to settle with him, his thoughts turned to the thousands of other citizens in Illinois who were probably facing the same problem, with NO help or support from their elected officials.

Jarrat’s campaign motto is “Supporting Families, Not Government” and this sets the tone for his whole campaign, a campaign that has been endorsed by Illinois Conservatives and is lauded on many national conservative blogs and websites.

Some of Jarratt’s stances include:

Pro Family

The family is the basic unit of our society and it must be preserved. Income tax hikes, property tax hikes and the continual raising of fees are sapping the hard earned money from the families and businesses of Illinois.

Property Taxes

Lake County has the highest property taxes in the Midwest and the 14th highest in the country according to Forbes magazine. Budgets are shrinking, yet taxing bodies never stop increasing these taxes. Families should not be squeezed any more. It is time to restore fiscal sanity to Springfield and reform this state sanctioned local tax.

Income Taxes

Illinois is currently is in the 48th worst financial position*. The 66% tax increase on individuals and 45% increase on the companies that drive our economy caused unemployment to rise to 10%.


1 in 295 Lake County homes received foreclosure filings in September. In October, the rate climbed to 1 in 271. There are over 2500 active cases in the courts here in Lake County, of which mine is one. I too am living the reality of bad tax and spend policies destroying the jobs families rely on.


Education is the key to the future. All children deserve access to a quality education to unlock their door to excel. We need to empower parents to be able to better direct their child’s education, be it public school, private school, charter school, home school, or other alternatives. The parents know their child best.

Honest Government

Every citizen has the right to expect open and honest government. We should never have to pay a corruption tax as the price of government graft and back room dealings.

Pro 2nd Amendment

It’s simple, the right to bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution and it should not be infringed upon.

Aside from his stance on particular issues, the Freedomist has found him to be capable, credible, honest, a man of his word, and consistently reliable. Often people give lip service to these things, make great promises, do little, and THEN insist on getting credit and glory for things they did not actually do! Lennie has often done more than he says he will while often letting others “get the glory” who did much less, and that without complaint.

But while Jarratt may have earned a good reputation, which explains some of the interest in his candidacy among national activists, there are other reasons for this interest.

Jarrat’s district, the 31st State Senate District, is in the region of northern Chicago and many conservatives believe that a Jarratt win here would prove that running on a conservative platform is in fact a “mainstream” value, contrary to the Karl Roves of the GOP who insist that one has to be center-left (what they call “moderate” or even “independent”) to win elections.

These two schools of thought, one that says that candidates can run on conservative values and win voters over and the other that assumes the media’s view of “mainstream” is the right view that candidates need to conform to, are looking at the 31st State Senate District as a bell-weather for the validity of their approach.

While polls have not been conducted in the district, Jarrat’s involvement in helping dozens of local conservative candidates win elections over the past 4 years seems to indicate that creating a solid “ground game” will not be a problem for his campaign, even if his financial war chest is not on par with the establishment candidates GOP progressives will run against him.

That being said, more and more conservative activists are going to to donate “$20.11” to help Jarrat’s campaign round out 2011 with a god-sized financial war chest.