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The South Carolina Primary is heating up with Newt Gingrich surging, Romney stumbling, and Santorum’s conservative purity questioned- here are the top headlines-

Rick Santorum endorses Arlen Specter AND Mitt Romney- Conservative Purity in Name Only Exposed


January 20, 2012 / paulcollier /


Rick Santorum endorses Arlen Specter and Mitt Romney- Conservative Purity In Name Only exposed


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Santorum kills Impeachment proceeding against Bill Clinton- conservative purity in name only exposed


January 20, 2012 / Collier Brothers /


Santorum South Carolina Primary- How Rick Santorum stopped the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton- Collier Brothers Rick Santorum tells South Carolina voters that he is the only conservative purist in the field, attacking Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney for being unreliable conservatives. Well, THE FREEDOMIST has already exposed Rick Santorum for his betrayal of a […]


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Santorum’s Right to Work Double-speak- Conservative Purity in Name Only


January 20, 2012 / paulcollier /


Rick Santorum was for the right to work but voted against it-his lack of conservative purity is revealed


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  1. Rick Santorum South Carolina Primary– the Specter and Romney


41 minutes ago by krosspub


In 2008, Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney in his failed Presidential run. Will these endorsements of a future democrat and a solid RINO moderate hurt Santorum in the South Carolina Primary? Rick Santorum endorses


Santorum South Carolina Primary- the Clinton Defense


Published at: 12:01 am – Saturday January 21 2012


How Rick Santorum defended Bill Clinton and killed the impeachment proceeding against him:


Santorum kills
Impeachment proceeding against Bill Clinton- conservative purity in name only


  1. The results of the South Carolina Primarywill not be as expected


20 hours ago by Greg Laden


The results of the South Carolina Primary will not be as expected. January 19, 2012 at 10:20 pm Greg Laden. The recently identified trend of Romney heading towards the nomination with double digits on the second place guy (whoever that


  1. SC-2012 Primary: 32% Gingrich, 28% Romney, 13% Paul, 9


11 hours ago by The Huffington Post News Team


We Ask America1/19/12; 988 likely voters, 3.1% margin of errorMode: Automated phoneWe Ask America release South Carolina.


  1. Poll Watch: Clemson University South Carolina Primary Survey


2 hours ago by Matt Coulter


Clemson University Palmetto Poll – South Carolina Primary Survey Gingrich – 32% (38) Romney – 26% (21) Paul – 11% (10) Santorum – 9% (2) Undecided –


  1. Borepatch: CNN just won the South Carolina primary for Newt Gingrich


22 hours ago by Borepatch


Man, like when did those dudes decide to start helping out a conservative? /mockery. Smartest kids in their class, right there. /mockery. Newt’s not running against Romney. He’s not running against Obama. He’s running


  1. South Carolina primary: Cable plans extensive coverage – The TV


10 hours ago by halboedeker


Hal Boedeker of Orlando Sentinel is The TV Guy. Dishing on TV, the news and what everybody is talking about.


  1. State Of The GOP Primary Race: Pre-South Carolina Analysis | Right


13 hours ago by John Hawkins


One day out from the primary, South Carolinais a two man race beween Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has Gingrich up by 2, the latest Insider Advantage poll has Newt up by 3, and PPP, on their first of


  1. South Carolina’s GOP primary Saturday is too close to call — Maine


23 minutes ago by UnBylined


CHARLESTON, S.C.South Carolina Republican voters are poised to define the 2012 GOP presidential race on Saturday, but the outcome of the South’s first primary is hard to predict. Strong signs suggest that Newt


  1. DeMint demurs on endorsement in South Carolina primary « Hot Air


4 days ago by Ed Morrissey


One of the most sought-after South Carolinapoliticians said Monday he would not endorse a candidate ahead of the Palmetto State’s primary. Sen. Jim DeMint, who has offered praise to all of the candidates in the field, said in


  1. South Carolina Primary: After Debate Performance, Newt Gingrich


4 hours ago A day before the South Carolina primary, it’s almost anyone’s game in the
Palmetto state.…newt…/story?id…


  1. South Carolina’s Primary: Newt Scores, Romney Stumbles | Daily


8 hours ago Read ‘South Carolina’s Primary: Newt Scores, Romney Stumbles’ from our blog
Daily Ticker on Yahoo! Finance. Follow Yahoo!’s The Daily…/newt-scores-romney-stumbles-ahead-critical-c-primary-155117902.html


  1. Newt Gingrich South Carolina Surge Boosted By Super PAC


5 hours ago by The Huffington Post News Editors


Unlike in Iowa, where Gingrich’s record was shredded in a barrage of negative ads from a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, Gingrich’s campaign in South Carolina has been buoyed by a multimillion-dollar response from a pro-Newt super
PAC called Winning Our Future. That spending is ….. The President just had dinner last night with a Black KKK member Spike Lee a $38500 per plate with 1% members and raised millions and this is in the news? Media bias is