Sarah Halll Ingram- IRScare Czar

Sarah Hall Ingram


Proof IRScare Czar, Sarah Hall Ingram, had to know about Tea Party Persecution by IRS


Was she not aware of the IG investigation or the requests for documents that her division was denying existed even when, in fact, they did exist?  Is this not obstruction of justice on the part of her division and, at the very least, gross negligence on the part of our current IRScare Czar, Sarah Hall Ingram? Continue reading →




IRSCare Czar strong-arming Hospitals in April 2012

If you doubt the involvement of Sarah Hall Ingram in the persecution of the Tea Party, Conservatives, and Christians under her watch as the head of the non-profit division of the IRS, perhaps you should review the action of the IRSCare Czar just a few weeks after her appointment. Continue reading →



IRScare Czar Once IRS Obama Campaign Operative

So Sarah Hall Ingram, President Obama’s Inside Campaign Operative (aka the commission of tax exempt organizations) has done such a GREAT job managing those pesky Tea Party, Christian, and Israel-loving haters of our dear leader, has been PROMOTED to run IRSCare! Continue reading →