W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- The Salafists affiliated with the Sunni Salafist group known as ISIS have struck the main airport and in the subway in Brussels, both the capital of Belgium and the EU. The attacks, as of this writing, have killed at least 28 people and injured other. Multiple explosions at the airport and 3 explosions in the downtown metro occured outside of the security zones in a coordinated attack.

The open borders policy in Europe, pushed especially by Germany’s Angela Merkel, and the influx of millions of Salafist leaning Muslims from the Middle East and Africa have led to a situation that is untenable for security. The population streaming from places like Libya and Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq leans heavily toward a Salafist version of Islam aligned with groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. There exists no credible way to screen these migrants to ensure that those who harbor Salafist views do not slip across the border where, instead of them becoming potential resources for terrorist attacks or the cause of crimes such as the mass assault on German women in Cologne during New Year’s Eve when 900 Salafist-leaning Muslim men sexually assaulted dozens of German women.

Salafism, not Islam of which it is a bastardized derivative, is the bane of civilization and the failure of most Western Governments to differentiate between Salafo-Islam and modern Islam cripples an effective response. A failure to appreciate that in places like Iraq, Syria, North Africa, Afghanistan, Palestinian areas in Israel, and Pakistan Salafo-Islam is in fact dominant has blurred the lines between jingoism and common sense security. In other words, those opposed to Salafism but who do not differentiate it from modern Islam tend to want to shut all Muslims out. On the other hand, those who presume ALL or most all Muslims are like the Islam we might see in the UAE or Jordan cannot fathom the threat of Salafo-Islam and its adherents when they come across their border.

The pure hatred, the apacolyptic vision, and the penchant for violence against infidels and women shared by Salafists is WIDESPREAD in certain populations. This is especially true of Syria, and denial of this fact is, quite simply, suicidal. The failure to even NAME Salafism and therefore divide it from modern Islam has also caused a backlash against Muslims who have to Salafist leanings and who pose a threat to nobody. This is not Islam or “radical Islam”: the Shia Salafists of Iran and Hezbollah and the Sunni Salafists of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan are a threat to non-Muslims and to Muslims. Indeed, Salafism has slaughtered more Muslims than all its other victims combined. Salafism is the IDEOLOGY of these deadly killers and everyone who does not wish to recreate the 7th century Islamic caliphate in its most brutal interpretation is “fair game” for their end-times jihad against human civilization. Imagine an apacolyptic cult that believes that it must bring the end of the world about through violence against the civilized world to recreate it’s interpretation of a 7th century brutal empire. Now, that is Salafism, and among certain populations Salafism in some form is in fact the DOMINANT view. And yet it is not named nor engaged in a battle of ideas and some of its chief progenitors, namely Iran’s Shia Salafism and Saudi Arabia’s Sunni Salafism, are coddled and even welcomed by the Western powers.

The first attacks occured at the airport and 79 minutes later three explosions ripped apart the downtown metro. This attack was made possible by an unwilligness to prevent Salafists from coming to and freely moving about Europe and by a failure to tackle Salafism head on through an ideological counter-attack against its fundamental assumptions.