Stop Being a Bigot to Call People a Bigot

Kentucky ClerkPaul Gordon Collier- I have thought long and hard about how to approach the story of the Kentucky town clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. It is a complicated issue for me on a number of fronts, on the pragmatic front, the political front, the legal front and the religious front.

After thinking about this, and even taking a thinking shower (aka, a “lobster shower”, meaning I take a long, hot shower until I’m red like a lobster- that means serious thinking is happening), I have decided that I am going to write about this issue from a pragmatic perspective. I have a specific target group, the secular conservatives, who, in their efforts to call this town clerk a bigot, are saying some pretty foul, bigoted things about her, as well as the faith that I hold.

This will require some setting up, so let’s pretend there are multiple articles here so the ‘limited attention’ people stay with us. To that end, let’s call this the end of the first article. This is the end of the first article, and we’ll call it, stop being a bigot to call people a bigot.

Bible ThumperYes, yes I am a terrible bigot who dares believe in God and the bible

Here we are in article number two. This is the article in which I spell out a few things about my beliefs. First of all, I happen to be one of those backwater Neanderthal Christians (the words my secular conservative friends are using to describe my faith) who holds to the ‘orthodox’ view that marriage, according to God, is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is, you guessed it (prepare for shock and outrage, and, if you have them handy, some bigoted epithets to call me a bigot with), a sin.

That’s right, I’m one of THOSE Christians, the non-cultural conforming Christians that believes in the literal, infallible truth of the Word of God, aka the Bible, aka, for my bigoted secular Conservative friends, the book I thump with (as in, bible thumper).

Ok, so let’s call that the end of article two and we’ll call it, yes, yes I am a terrible bigot who dares believe in God and the bible; sue me (please do, as I could use a little attention here).

constitution shrineThe only good government is the no government kind

Now on to article three, and we’ll call this, The only good government is the no government kind. You see, I am, on my more lucid days, an an-capper, a Christian an-capper, as in, an anarcho-capitalist Christian, or, a Christian Libertarian (use whichever label gives you more secular righteous anger at me so you can feel good about your next round of bigoted assaults against me in the name of accusing me of being a bigot). At best, on my bad days, I am a modified Minarchist (Government should settle wrongs, but, unlike traditional minarchists, not for moral reasons but because people just can’t live without a big daddy to hold their hand).

As a Christian An-Capper, I don’t believe in Rule of Law. I believe only in Rule of Power. And whether you secular Conservatives believe or do not believe in Rule of Law (hint, they worship the very names Rule and Law and secretly want to marry both of those names, now that marriage is free to be whatever we say it is), in point of fact there really is no such thing. There is only Rule of Power. It’s not even a point I will debate with you because it is as obvious to anyone who really studies history, even American history, as the fact that American football clearly and without a doubt crushes all other forms of football. Yes, it’s that obvious.

The whole ‘Rule of Law’ argument means nothing to me, so put away your Supreme Court action figures and step away from your Constitutional shrine you have assembled in your bathroom (for those long visits when you ate just a little too much extra cheese pizza- I’ve been there, I get that).

Liberty for all 9 3 15Liberty for all, even if I can’t stand your face, your breath, or even your shoes

Congratulations limited attention span people, you just read three whole articles! Now, let’s go to article four, Liberty for all, even if I can’t stand your face, your breath, or even your shoes (with some exceptions made for Dallas Cowboys fans and New York Yankees fans, just because).

Liberty is the second most precious value that I hold in my life. First, of course (as I made clear above), the values of Christ are my most sacred of values. Liberty itself is a value I actually receive from my faith, but liberty, for those who don’t worship the one true God (yeah, I went all absolute there), has an expression that even those who don’t follow the one true King (TWO absolute statements in one sentence!) can enjoy.

Liberty at its core means live and let live. I don’t care how you live your life so long as you don’t step on me in my effort to live my life. Liberty for the homosexual is not at all what’s at stake in the Kentucky showdown because the very notion that 5 people can fundamentally redefine a culture’s definition of something so essential to that culture as marriage is hardly a representation of liberty, it is a tyrannical expression of a government that seeks to coerce the right cultural values out of its slaves..er….citizens.

Liberty is not a government-issued permission slip, attached to a blood test, to ALLOW you to ‘marry’ the person you want, be that person of the same or of a different sex. Marriage is a cultural expression that should be freely expressed, and even freely rejected, by people according to what their culture of choice believes. I cannot tell a homosexual they are not married if they choose to define their relationship as married any more than they can FORCE ME to actually accept their definition of marriage, in word OR deed.

Residents of the city of Parkville, Mo., came together in early June 2011 to help city leaders build sandbag levees to protect parts of their community threatened by potential flooding.

Why secular conservatives are useful idiots of a dangerous ideological enemy

So there you have my set up for the meat of my article. For this, I am going to ask my limited attention people to bear with me and go ahead and push through the last, and, gasp, longest ‘article’, the fifth article, why secular conservatives are useful idiots of a dangerous ideological enemy of the very liberty they espouse to seek to represent.

Let me add here that the term ‘useful idiot’ is a political term that is simply defined as someone who is being manipulated into a passionate frenzy to take actions that, in the end, will actually lead to their own destruction at the hands of the true masters who are manipulating them to act as they are acting. There are some highly intelligent, gifted ‘useful idiots’ who just have a serious blind spot in one area of their life. In the case of the secular conservative (ONLY the ones swallowing this bait and leading in the assault against the Kentucky clerk), perhaps their blind spot is their hatred for Christianity and Christians.

I have decided, with the facts and positions given above providing the context of my perspective, to approach the Kentucky problem from a purely pragmatic angle.

War Machine 9 3 15The War Against Liberty

I am part of a military machine, a machine that fights using blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, commerce, and even civil disobedience (nullification, if you will) to beat back, to destroy the enemies of liberty that are advancing all around me.

I recognize that the state of the Union is this- Rule of Law, even the myth, is dead. The reality of the true Rule, Rule of Power is laid bare for the world to see. Progressives, the most pressing enemy against liberty in the land today (not because their ideology is the most liberty-destroying ideology, but because they actually hold the most power politically and culturally right now), have understood long ago that Rule of Law is a lie and they can do whatever they want, so long as they can execute real power against the power of opposition to their end.

The ‘fight’ for equal rights for homosexuals will call on Rule of Law when law is on their side and the ignoring and defying of law when law is not on their side. Even the very aim of the progressive, the ones at the officer level of their anti-liberty military, is about destroying all liberty-encouraging institutions, by any means necessary.

They want Christians to be criminalized because (even if many Christians do so inconsistently) their very faith (my faith) is a champion of individual liberty, individual rights granted to us by a creator, not five black robes sitting in a small, stinky, overly marbleized and pretentious room in the middle of a city that sits on top of a rotted out swamp.

They want the very institution of marriage destroyed because it creates unity in strong families, families that can more easily rely on and depend on one another for their needs, reducing their potential dependence on the government (which reduces government’s Real Rule of Law, POWER).

They want to destroy the family unit because family units have the audacity of wanting to teach their children THEIR values and THEIR beliefs and not the beliefs of the state. Meddling parents are already causing major problem for progressives in how they’re resisting Common Core and all the new, wonderful anti-family, anti-gender, anti-Christian sexual morality the progressive state is now hoisting on those kids.

The fight in Kentucky, from a purely pragmatic perspective, is all about surrendering ground to the enemy that wants to destroy people like me, and even people like my atheist libertarian friends, who also believe in individual liberty and that our rights are inherited through creation at the moment of conception.

As a matter of fact, the homosexual bullies verbally assaulting this Kentucky clerk are every bit the useful idiots that our secular conservative friends are. The real progressives, the officers, the generals, the bankrollers, are no friends of the homosexual, a fact they will find out soon enough if and when these enemies of liberty actually complete their consolidation of power.

Secular Pharisees 9 3 15Secular Conservative Evangelism- It’s ok, progressive masters, I hate Christians too!

The secular conservative, spending so much of his or her time and energy going after this woman in Kentucky and attacking Christians with constant streams of rude, vulgar, bigoted epithets in the name of “Rule of Law” have become nothing but expendable front-line units by their handlers, the progressive war machine, useful idiots thrust in the front line to catch the first metaphorical round of shells and bullets.

In short, they have become the sandbags of the progressive war machine, advancing in the name of “Rule of Law” to help a dangerous, bloodthirsty enemy who will just as willingly destroy them as they will the target of the secular conservatives, the Christians.

To me, these secular conservatives are little better than the white posers pretending to be black to escape their white guilt. They are just trying to fit in to the new cultural reality in the hope that they won’t go down with the rest of us. Well, fat chance, posers. You guys will actually get hammered worse than anyone else. You will have no friends in this battle. You will be EVERYONE’s target.

Secular Conservatives who spend so much time attacking this woman from Kentucky, patting themselves on the back because of their ‘decency’, are showing themselves to be naïve pawns who have never read Sun Tzu’s Art of War, who may not even realize that they are in the middle of the war in which there are really only two sides, liberty on one side and government social engineering on the other side.

Secular conservatives, the ones charging forward against this Kentucky woman, are all advancing the cause of social engineering, fighting over the mirage of Rule of Law, pretending they really care if two people get that government license and get to surrender their blood for government scrutiny to be able to become what the state can’t make them anyway, a couple, committed, whether I agree with their commitment or not.

Secular Conservatives are simply revealing themselves to be, first and foremost, enemies of the Christian faith, willing to enable the demons of hate that seek to destroy any shadow of liberty if it means destroying Christians. They don’ really belong in a coalition of liberty, at least not when the metaphorical bullets start flying. They are no reliable compatriots in foxholes. They’ll shoot you as soon as you turn your back on them.

strong athletic mans back on dark background

Rule of Power is the Law of the Land- Deal with it or be Swept Away by it

In light of the call by a Judge to have this woman arrested and put in jail for not issuing a marriage license to homosexual couples, we begin to see the cold, hard, anti-liberty reality being played out and supported by the useful idiots, the sandbags of the progressive war machine, the secular conservatives.

Conform to the new morality magically imposed on you by five black robes, because Rule of Law or something, or go to jail. Now the state will have to go and arrest an elected official for doing something that has been a long-standing American tradition, ever since 1798, the ultimate check on government tyranny, nullification.

I read an article a few weeks back by one of my favorite writers, Kurt Schlichter, who wrote a piece entitled ‘Its time for Conservatives to play by the New Rules.’ In the closing moments of the article, he wrote, “This is only the beginning – the new rules liberate us from the constraints that for so long kept us from truly making conservative progress. All those “principles” and “ideals” about right and wrong and all that only served to take our eyes off of the real prize – our power, which we would only use for the common good.” He may have been tongue in cheek, or not. Regardless, I am certainly not tongue in cheek.

For the pragmatic reason of recognizing the war for what it is, the use of ‘gay rights’ to criminalize all value systems (and the people that hold to them) that dare oppose the advancing anti-liberty progressive army, I stand with the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, and ask all of my liberty-loving friends to do the same.

I ask my liberty-loving friends to reject the anti-Christian, anti-liberty bigotry of the new Pharisees of the church of Rule of Law, the useful idiots that are the secular conservatives.

This battle in Kentucky has little to do with homosexuality or your right to love anyone you choose to love. It has little to do with Rule of Law. It has everything to do with POWER, plain and simple, the power of the new morality police, the progressives, versus anyone who believes that government has no right, no place to coerce our morality from us at the end of the gun. Long live liberty. #IstandwithKim