Karl Rove’s latest Tea Party kerfufel should not be news to anyone who was reading The Freedomist back in 2010.  We broke the story in September 2010 of how Karl Rove came to Delaware before the 2010 primary that pitted democrat, er, ‘republican’ Mike Castle against Christine O’Donnell.  Rove came to Delaware with money and a proposal to the Tea Party folks in Delaware- the proposal?  If the Tea Party would agree to not support Christine O’Donnell against democrat, er, “republican” Mike Castle, then Karl Rove’s PAC would give them money for other worthy causes.  The Tea Party refused.  Below is the original story reposted:

Karl Rove- Tea Party Killer

from- http://freedomist.com/2010/09/exclusive-karl-rove-tried-to-cut-deal-for-castle-with-tea-party-teaparty-news/

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Rove Tried to Cut a Deal For Castle With Tea Party- Teaparty News- The Collier Brothers

Sources at the Christine O’Donnell victory party revealed to The Freedomist that in December of last year Karl Rove met with Tea Party leaders in Dover, Delaware trying to get them to cut a “deal” in which they would leave Mike Castle alone and NOT support O’Donnell.

The Freedomist has also learned that Rove was allegedly acting as an operative, although in what capacity it is not known, even as he is playing the role of a political analyst on Fox New in a fair and balanced way.

Breaking Reagan’s 11th commandment, Rove launched a vicious character attack against Republican nominee Christine O’Donnell in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, who took strong objections to his exaggerations, misstatements and misrepresentations, including attributing remarks made against Castle by a third party to the campaign, this despite the fact that campaign had promptly repudiated it.

The Freedomist urges Fox News, in light of this information, to suspend Rove and investigate whether or not this is true and, if it is true, to fire Rove immediately for violating Fox’s policy of being fair and balanced and for vilifying a Palin-endorsed conservative icon. While Rove is an opinion journalist, to NOT disclose his alleged role, if indeed such a role was played by him, and MORE DETAILS will follow, while declaiming on the merits of a candidate whom he was seriously working against is unethical and shocking.

Rove Must Go!