We let the Progressive Trojan Horse into our lives through media, entertainment, and academic, and it will be the death of our society!

The progressive Trojan Horse And Its TRUE Agenda

William Collier 

What you might hear referred to as the news media, the entertainment industry, and academia is better referred to for what it truly is: the Progressive Trojan Horse that is used to sneak in the progressive agenda for a God-free, state-controlled world led by an elite few who “know better” than us.

Make no mistake; Progressivism is the 21st century’s greatest threat to freedom on the planet. In whatever guise you find it, Progressivism TAKES life, property, and freedom from everyone save those elite few at the top who are smart enough to make the right choices for everyone else. 





Don’t get me wrong, Progressivism leaves some space open, and I mean WIDE open, for personal “choice.” It is odd, but while Progressivism takes economic freedom, religious freedom, and political freedom (often in the name of righting some imagined “injustice” or making things “equal”) there is ONE area where Progressivism wants us all to pretty much be able to do whatever suits our fancy at the moment.  

What area of life, of all those areas of life most precious to us, do the Progressives say we should have MORE “liberty”? That area is the bedroom! Anything related to satisfying whatever carnal desires we might have, and that might shield us from the consequences of carrying out those carnal desires, they want to give us complete “liberty” in. 

The mature, thinking person knows that carnal satisfaction, while high on the pleasure scale, is relatively low on the priority scale. People who sacrifice real freedoms, including economic, religious, and political, for “liberty” in this one small area of our cultural life are of the basest sort who have no concept of what truly matters in life. A man who would place the sanctity of his marriage below that of his carnal satisfaction is not the sort of man who should be trusted with important public affairs- if he is willing to sacrifice his own wife for a temporary pleasure, how much more would he sacrifice the public good for his own selfish gain? 

Our present top-down culture is being spoon fed the lies and so-called “values” of the Progressive worldview, a worldview that, if accepted by the People, makes the People easy pickings for “strong men” on top to run things without any real transparency or accountability. 

When people accept the type of ‘freedom” being sold by the progressive Trojan Horse in all of its elements (news media, entertainment, academia) they do not question the affairs of the state, they do not even concern themselves with the over-reach of the state into most of the important aspects of their private lives, so long as they are given the “liberty” to indulge their base lusts. This is nothing less than trying to reduce an entire People to an animalistic stage of human development, devoid of morals, cultures, family, and community. 

Understand this, and understand it well, the Progressives are at war against true freedom, their sham “freedom” is the “freedom” animals, which have no morality and no conscience, enjoy, but which is the very reason why they cannot overcome man or rise above their station of life. Progressivism is as old as the devil himself, told in a yarn spun straight from the depths of the forbidden tree of the “knowledge of good and evil”, with that sly, cynic, and, nowadays, “cool”, question, “did God REALLY say?” 

The true agenda of the Progressive Trojan Horse is to take away your freedom by, first, seducing you with the “liberty” of license to indulge your base, animalistic desires and thereby render you a fitting subject for their nanny-state tyranny. 

Any intellectually honest student of history can read in the stories of past people, nations, and states, indeed whole civilizations, how true freedom is never compatible with debauchery and license, and how those who are the loudest proponents of such things are often the chief advocates of a strong state that is answerable to nobody!  

To be sure, there have been those who have not only denied the “freedom” of moral license but other true freedoms as well, especially theocratic tyrants, but the point here is that license to commit debauchery has never been compatible with true economic, social, sacred, and civic freedom. This is precisely why those who are enriched by your loss of such freedom wish to imprison you with the promise of license to debauchery without consequences, when they know full well that the consequences are your loss of every other real freedom in your life! 

Let us not be fooled by the Progressive Trojan Horse in its bid to entice us with the loser’s deal whereby we trade license for our freedom!