Paul Collier-

Rick RenziA little known case by many is broiling in Arizona that, even though you’ve never heard of it or the man at the center of it, has a significant impact on the liberty you believe you possess in America today.   This is a case of liberal lawfare being waged against our political freedom.

I was already familiar with the case revolving around former Congressman Rick Renzi. However, as I began to look at the issue, I was appalled that this story was not receiving further coverage among conservative, including conservative media and conservative activists. It is a clear-cut case of lawfare.

THIS CASE IS REALLY IMPORTANT and I hope to convince you, the reader, that you should consider supporting the cause not only for this political prisoner, but to start the fightback against liberal lawfare which is being waged against our freedoms.

The trial and incarceration of former Congressman Rick Renzi is a blatant case of lawfare that, sadly, the conservative movement has utterly failed to stand against. While the liberals rally behind cop killers and Hillary Clinton’s legendary lack of ethic, the conservative movement seems blissfully unaware that a conservative champion was literally thrown in jail on spurious grounds to silence hm.

You can dig into the particulars HERE but the long and short of it is that prosecutors used loopholes in the interpretation of the law to accuse the Congressman of fraud. In a case in which the accused shared his own genuine opinion about a land deal and in which he gained nothing, the prosecutor succeeded, via a corrupt and politicized judiciary, in branding him a criminal.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened taken from an article by Rachel Alexander:

Renzi was found guilty on 17 counts of using his office for personal financial gain and taking $400,000 in corporate money from his family insurance business to fund his campaign. He was convicted of proposing a land swap deal in Congress to benefit a man who owed him money, so the man could afford to pay him back. It is true that he suggested The Aries Group purchase an alfalfa farm near Sierra Vista owned by James Sandlin, and he proposed legislation swapping out the land for copper-rich land owned by the federal government. The sale went through at fair market value, shortly after Sandlin paid Renzi $733,000. Sandlin was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

However, the government never provided any evidence that The Aries Group’s purchase of the property provided Sandlin with the money to pay Renzi back. The land swap legislation never went into effect. In fact, Sandlin paid off the debt in September 2005 with a loan he had taken out for $900,000. He did not receive the money from The Aries Group until October 2005, a month after he had repaid the debt, which he put into escrow. Additionally, he had multiple properties he could have sold to repay the debt. He had been making regular payments on the debt since it originated over a handshake in 2003, and there was no indication whatsoever that he was going to discontinue payments. Perhaps most importantly, Renzi would not have received any benefit from the land swap. The land swap was simply not related to the debt.

Renzi’s proposed legislative land swap would have protected the San Pedro River, benefited the Fort Huachuca military base and enabled development of a huge copper mine near Superior. The alfalfa farmer renting Sandlin’s property had been using an excessive amount of water in a region that was facing chronic water shortages. Fort Huachuca was facing criticism itself over water usage and was under a federal court order to reduce its water consumption. Several people, including a representative from the Nature Conservancy, testified about the importance of the swap. Incredibly, the court disallowed evidence related to Fort Huachuca.

The other counts Renzi was convicted on involved a loan he made to his campaign from his insurance company. No clients were harmed, and it is common for a candidate to loan their campaign money. Prosecutors nitpicked the details of the money going back and forth between clients and Renzi in order to claim he had spent their premiums and gotten their insurance policies canceled – but not a single client was ever affected.

Let’s be clear- if ANY OF US were to be picked apart in our life by such a “prosecutor” we would be found guilty of something.  The laws on the books now are so massive and expansive and all-encompassing that, depending on HOW they are enforced, we are all felons!

This is a fact of our reality, and it is upon such basis of fact that a political prisoner sits in jail. If you want to argue the semantics and the legaleze, you are going down a deep and dark rabbit hole- this is precisely why lawfare is so effective.

People get caught up in the minutiae instead of seeing the obvious- a bunch of Democrats wanted to turn a Republican-held seat, got a prosecutor to go along with their scheme, and waged lawfare to not only destroy a man’s reputation but to throw him in jail for the crime of being in their way.

Those who have not cared about this case, and those who have turned their back on the victim of this lawfare, do not even begin to understand that they too will be targeted for lawfare if they cross the wrong people. A lack of resistance to the practice legitimizes the people who engage in the practice. Lawfare should be a crime, no matter who practices it and for whatever reason they use to justify this unethical use of government power.  Those who abuse their office should be the ones behind bars.

In this case, which involves some property in Arizona, we have a “witness” who literacy changed his testimony to accuse the Congressman of fraud AFTER he was offered thousands of dollars by the FBI.

The FBI, run by Democrats for Democrats, was able to get this fact suppressed from jurors in what amounted a kangaroo trial- and the US Supreme Court has so far stood on the side of the liberal elite who masterminded this act of lawfare.

The truth is that YOU SHOULD CARE VERY MUCH about this case, whatever your political persuasion.  Remember, the power you cede to government to target your enemies may one day be used against you.

And now that the precedent has been accepted by the conservative movement (which has failed to rally to this man’s cause), we see that attorney generals’ offices across the country are going after “climate change deniers” in another bid to criminalize political opponents. What started with just one lone Congressmen getting railroaded into prison has become a flood of lawfare assaults on our political freedom.

But do please go back to watching the Kardashians and arguing about bathrooms and confederate flags and whatever other distraction can be thrown your way.