You can’t win if you don’t think you can win, therefore the DNC Press are full-tilt against any good news for Republicans. Polling models have always favored the left, owing to the constant “shock” when election results don’t match predictions.

The polling models are based, allegedly, on the best estimate of voter turnout by party affiliation. Again, overwhelminy these polls learn hard to the left, assuming more Democrats than Republicans will vote. Hence the tendency for Republicans to trail in polls UNTIL election day.

The idea is to demoralize the opponents of the DNC Press and fire up the Democrats, giving them optimism while giving Republicans a bad case of pessimism.

The polling data is wrong because the assumptions are wrong. As Gallup noted in September, 28% of voters identify as Republicans compared to 27% who identify as Democrats. No polling data outside foreign sourced polls reflects this reality. All are based on old data ans assumptions.

The deja’ vu of blaring headlines predicting overwhelming favorable odds for Democrats compared to 2016 is predictable. And it is likely as wrong now as it was then.