US Troops Reported In Jordan

We are seeing numerous unconfirmed reports that US forces are inside of Jordan at this hour, but their intentions and their planned length of stay is not known.

While some reports claim that US forces are deployed opposite of the Syrian border with Jordan to forestall Syrian forays into the Hashemite Kingdom, other possibilities are far less ominous.

When the US went to war against Iraq, American forces transited through Jordan from Aqaba and some deployed to help with Iraqi refugees.

This may be what is happening now US forces may be transiting in reverse, from Iraq via Jordan to the port of Aqaba. Additionally, US forces may be helping with Syrian refugees.

If, however, US forces have deployed to Jordan to defend against a possible Syrian incursion, this would violate the spirit and letter of the War Powers act, placing US forces in potential combat zones without even a nod towards Congress. This would prove controversial in the extreme, especially in today’s political climate.

If US forces have deployed from Iraq to Jordan to stave off a potential Syrian move it would most likely be the result of some form of substantiated intelligence. The Syrian regime is still smarting over an incursion of Syrian protestors into Jordan who attacked their embassy in Amman and may also be targeting refugees with operatives who infiltrate the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. The threat, therefore, may be more covert than overt and merely having US forces “pause” en route to Aqaba could be enough.

Other possibilities, however, include a potential positioning of forces for a new Libya-like intervention should the opposition in Syria materialize into a cohesive force that can take and hold territory. The “no-fly zone” approach has been used with telling effect against Serbia, Saddam Hussein, and Qhadafi. US ground forces would prevent an incursion into Jordan and could even protect Iraq, whose government is alarmed at the possibility of being flooded with Syrian refugees.

The transiting of US troops out of Iraq through Jordan makes perfect sense however it is possible that this could be a good cover for other purposes as well.