Religious freedom is not a second-class right and nor are religious beliefs and values about morality, marriage, and the family some form of bigotry. Those who treat faith as bigotry, just because it doesn’t align with their beliefs, are the true bigots. They are dangerous people who would suppress and submerge your freedom for their pleasure.

Justice Alito, according to FOX NEWS, opined about this and made it clear that Americans have a duty to stand up for religious freedom and the Constitution in a time when the forces of oppression and intolerance are so determined to reshape America itself. Biden has made his call to make special rights for a small minority transcend religious objections his number one priority, In short, as we see it, Biden is aiming to dismantle Christianity itself from this land, although he would deny that, as one would expect he would. Not only do people have a right to decide who they love, as they say, they also have a right to not hear your criticism and you have no right to object or even just not participate in their right. They demand applaud and celebration and nothing less, or you get canceled.

Do you want to only cater to people who share your values or at least to not actively give your voice to ideas and behaviors that go against your conscience? TOUGH< the Cancel America Democrats want you to sit down, shut up, and even beyond that, show your absolute agreement or approval and celebration.

The Cancel America Democrats (CAD) are determined more than ever to transform this country into an atomized secular, godless society where religious freedom is a second-class right and where genuine historic doctrinal and moral orthodoxy is dismissed as bigotry. The the “unity and wokefulness camps” must surely be on their horizon.

This doesn’t mean we assess that Biden and the Cancel America Democrats (CAD) will seriously pursue this aim, it may be lip service, and even if they do, it doesn’t mean they can succeed. We foresee, and encourage, the adoption of “Bill of Rights Sanctuary” laws and ordinances at the local and state level which refuse, and outlaw, any effort to use public money or resources to violate the Bill of Rights in their original spirit and intent or to cooperate with any official at the federal level that would do the same.

The time has indeed come to stand up for religious freedom, the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution. The time has come to engage the Cancel American Democrats, not because we know whether they are serious or not and not because we think they can success, but because their own words, and Party Platform, are an affront to all we hold dear, namely a free and pluralistic society where people as individuals and in free association get to decide what values and beliefs will govern their lives, relationships, and associations and where there is nobody out there trying to cancel them or punish them for simply choosing to live a Christian and moral life.

We have zero interest in dictating how other people live, and to the pharaoh Democrats we demand only: let my People go that they may love for and worship their God in peace, in their lives, relationships, and free associations (which are private and not official) as they please, even if you disagree. The CADs have shown in their own words that they have zero interest in letting us live as we choose in peace, they demand our surrender and worship before their rainbow constellation of false and alien gods.