Back in November of 2017 I moved THE FREEDOMIST to a new web server. In the process, content and files were lost and I am in the process of rebuilding the site, which was originally hand-crafted by Paul Collier. The Freedomist is now in my sole management as the publisher, editor, and chief correspondent. My aim is to rebuild the brand of THE FREEDOMIST as a community newspaper for the conservative movement, written in the spirit and style of a community newspaper, with a focus on the people, organizations, institutions, and interests of fellow conservatives.

No such online newspaper exists right now that focuses on the conservative movement as a community of people, in the same way a local newspaper focuses on its community. So what we call “local news” would be news about conservative groups, organizations, events, businesses, and personalities. We would cover conservative news sources as well, providing news aggregations featuring these outlets, including outlets you might not know about,

I envision a Business Directory, Organization Directory, Community Calendar, Public Announcements, and more.

I have a long way to go and I am hoping to recruit some writers who want to trade recognition for their contribution and, eventually, revenue-sharing based on advertising and/or subscriptions sold. For now, it’s just me. But I do hope it’s more than just me soon.

Please forgive our “mess” while repairs are done and new content is added.