Who is surprised by this finding by POLITICO? Basically, the District of Columbia, or Washington DC, is, simply put, the most psychopathic of the 48 contiguous states plus DC. While Connecticut receives a “Z-Score” of 1.89, DC by comparison settles in at a whopping 3.48. This is interesting because z-scores are measured in a range from -4 to +4, with most of the population residing in the -1 to +1 range. Simply point, on average, the denizens of DC rank in the top 1% of the population.

“Psychopaths have an awfully grandiose way of thinking about themselves, and D.C. has numerous means of seeking and attaining power,” Ryan Murphy, who conducted the study, wrote in an email to Politico.

“The presence of psychopaths in Columbia is consistent with the conjecture that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere,” the draft paper reads.

Indeed. Who would have ever imagined?