Kathleen Kane's mugshot

Kathleen Kane’s mugshot

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is embroiled in a scandal that has gotten her indicted, and now, her law license is under attack.  Our site, the Pennsylvania Freedomist, has been covering this saga.
Here are the latest developments in the Kathleen Kane controversy:
Kane Faces Law License Suspension

Paul Gordon Collier- The embattled PA Attorney General is facing an ever-increasing pressure to step down from her position after she has been indicted for lying under oath during a Grand Jury testimony.  The possibility of more charges being filed has been left open by the Montgomery County Prosecutor that indicted her.

Now, the pressure is ratcheting up with a disciplinary board for lawyers meeting to decide whether to suspend Kane’s Law License, the first step to removing it altogether.  The story came from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which cites a source from within the board who stated that the Disciplinary Board of the State Supreme Court is seeking an emergency suspension of Kane’s law license.

When Kane was questioned about the matter, she responded that she was unable to respond as “anything I say can be held against me.”

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