Bill Collier- Why support our plan to save America? Why subscribe and/or why apply to become a paid team member in our next stage of development?

Why support us in building a grassroots freedom movement that invests in people first? Why support us in building new people-powered free press network of local digital new operations? Why support us in creating a new Christian-based alternative web 3.0 cryptonation platform that will make you materially independent of the corpostate?

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Basically there are three core reasons you should support our plan:

  1. Our team have a track record of using little in the way of resources to get good results that impact millions of people
  2. Our approach is based on investing mostly in people and building at the local to national level using a virtual to local means of gathering and supporting activists
  3. Our blueprints and framework are rooted in proven models and are focused on practical ways for you to become materially independent of the corpostate’s control

All these things are necessary and needed. As and when we build these things the entire landscape of possibilities for DEFEATING the corpostate’s war on freedom will have changed in our favor, without any thanks to the “powers that be”, or their corporate overlords!

(The “corpostate” is our broader term for a combination of corporate and political/governmental structures and their ruling class. Their efforts tend toward a mixed corporate and government agenda that wages war on your freedom. It is the corporate and governmental complex run by the few for the few at the expense of the many.)

We have a plan aimed not merely at slowing this but in totally vanquishing it and shifting power from these ruling class freedom takers to freedom builders like you! BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW TO!

We need a movement based on true freedom that gathers and mobilizes freedom lovers at the very local level to create hundreds of Bill of Rights Sanctuaries! Hence the Freedomist.

We need a true free press powered by the People that is local but connected to a countr-wide network. Hence RAWE News.

We need a digital platform with real world systems that can deliver material independence and self-reliance. Hence the Upadaria Platform.

So far, thanks to numerous sources and other backers, we have invested over $70,000 and are building a team of 13 core paid staff to take things to the next stage. We will have invested over $180,000 by June of 2021.

Our plan is to grow in stages and get to a place where we have a budget of $20 million per year to do things everyone else takes hundreds of millions of dollars to do, although they have succeeded at doing. Over a billion dollars was spent in 2020 elections and it hasn’t saved America from the corpostate’s war on freedom.

Our plan offers two possibilities: we will save America from the corpostate’s war on freedom or at least we will save a plurality of tens of millions whose independence is beyond the reach of the corpostate with hundreds of Bill of Rights Santuaries and thousands of freedom hubs all over this land that cannot be overcome by our foes, the corpostate ruling class!

Supporters will be asked to pay $65/month for individuals to $250/month for sponsor businesses and organizations. We will also offer subscriptions ranging from $9.95 to $24.95. Others will join as paid staff and volunteers to support these three core efforts.

As noted, this plan has three main parts:

1.a freedom-builders activist network and resource that will create local to national civic action aimed at pushing back the corpostate

  1. a people-powered free press service and resource to enable people to build local digital news operations and defeat the corpostate press one community at a time
  2. a whole new web 3.0 cryptonation platform that will give people a practical way to become materially independent and mutually self-reliant from the corpostate

We aren’t waiting for supoort to emerge, we are working now. We are building the Freedomist and email lists, we presently have over 300,000. We are building stage one of the cryptonation platform as a website and we are editing a book that will act as a blueprint and manual for using these ideas. Finally, we have already tested and develop our people-powered free press model and want to teach it to and support hundreds of local free press teams.

With very little we have done much. And with your supoort, we can do much more.

We need an activist freedom movement that stands outside the control of the parties and the politicos and is powered by and responsive to real people.

The Freedomist is at the heart of this, we are building a team who will deliver bespoke level intelligence and content that is useful and accurate and well worth the cost of your support.

We need a true people-powered free press at the local level connected to national and international news and information services that will crush the corpostate press one community at a time.

RAWE News will be a learning and connecting network for people to build their own local free press outfits using the RAWE News model and it will connect them to American and global news and information services that respect true free press standards.

We need a new and practical platform that will enable people, and provide them with support and resources, to become totally materially independent of the corpostate for life’s necessities.

The Upadaria Platform is based on a fictional future “Commonwealth” that is at once an empire of freedom and the virtual homeland for a new spiritual nation based on Christian ideals. In practical terms, if you love and want freedom, this platform will equip you and give you resources and connections to become materially self-reliant and self-sustaining.

Together, these three projects are mutually supportive and powerful and as and when they emerge, the chances we will not only slow down but reverse and vanquish the cancel America crowd (which is run by and for the corpostate) will increase.

If you want to win in your own life, community, and for America, you really won’t find anything like this to support.

Are you ready to join our team as a supporter or paid staff member or volunteer? Email flag @freedomist.com for details….