Commentary By Bill Collier

isis flag
The Nazis murdered thousands, and then millions, but they tried to cover up their evil. This does not make them “good”, not at all. But it shows that there was some inner conscience that knew they were wrong, or just an understanding that the greater world and even their own people would be appalled.

The Salasfist Socialist Extremists of the ISIS/ISIL movement (and proto-state) actually post their atrocities on social media and brag about them. Their conscience is seered. If they have their way they will kill Shi’ite Muslims, Christians, Jews, and even many Sunni Muslims who reject Salafism (and socialism) first in their thousands, then in their millions.

There are tens of millions of potential targets for them.

Imagine live social media posts as people are herded into death chambers. Imagine the worse the Nazis did, only now it is presented live for the world to see, only now it is bragged about.

This is NOT contemporary, modern “Islam” and anyone who thinks it is has never studied Islam. This is a threat to everyone in the Middle East who seeks peace and only to live a life of submission to their God. Muslims, Jews, and Christians must agree, politicially, that the eradication of Salafist extremism is the radical necessity of the hour.

We do not need to spread “democracy”, we need to spread “peace”. We do not need to impose “representative government” but we need to support and defend “just governance” where it exists. Ethical and moral teachings on this are not so different between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. We do not have to share theology, but politically we can work towards a more peaceful and just world.

We must unite against our common foe, a face of evil every bit as clearly defined as the Nazis or the Communists. Salafist Socialist Extremism is the enemy of us all!