Socialist Occupiers Wage War On America- Bill Collier- Radical Progressive anti-capitalists are targeting US ports on the west coast with street actions in the hope of provoking a police response and creating unsafe working conditions which the Unions can use as an excuse to stop work in the ports. The Occupiers, who want to implement a Soviet-style one-party state in America, are backed by radicalized front groups, like the local teacher’s union in Oakland, California, in their bid to replace capitalism with state-controlled economic planning.

Ports along the west coast are bracing for a promised onslaught of Progressive socialist sedition which many fear will lead to violence. The Occupiers have engaged in violence in cities throughout America leading to injuries of law enforcement officers and even rapes and murders within their illegal encampments. The socialist sedition, if successful, would plunge the US into a massive depression, which could turn out millions of angry workers who the Progressive socialist Occupiers believe they can then recruit for their world-wide socialist revolution.

The agenda of the Progressive socialist agitators is to impose a “sexual liberation” that distracts people from the loss of their far more important economic, cultural, religious, and political freedoms as they impose a Soviet style one-party state once they have seized power. The Occupiers, unlike the Progressives in the Democratic party, favor immediate revolution while the Democrats favor a slow-motion “revolution by subversion”. As more and more Americans are waking up to the reality of, and getting angry about, this radical anti-freedom agenda the Occupiers are looking for a way to quickly finish their revolution before the Progressives lose even more ground during the next election cycle.

The Occupiers are using the rhetoric of populism, much as many authoritarian regimes in the past and present have (including the Mullahs of Iran, Hugo Chavez, Lenin, Franco of Spain, Mao, and even Hitler’s “National Socialist German Worker’s Party”). Their proposal for solving “injustice” by “corporations” is to totally transfer power away from the corporations to the state, under the guise that they are transferring power to “the People.”

The waging of economic war against these United States is an act of sedition, however, the present American Administration is not likely to label this sedition as such because the Democratic Party is actively seeking to co-opt or channel the radical energy of the Occupiers into support for Democratic candidates during 2012, a fact that this front party for American radical Progressive socialists seems to want to conceal from the majority of voters who reject the socialist ideology which is at the heart of Progressivism.

The emergence of a true Worker’s Freedom Movement which stands up for the rights and interests of workers, as well as their values and beliefs, without compromising our national commitment to a free market and a constitutionally limited form of self-government, is the only viable alternative to Unions that have become purely ideological, in favor of state-control over the economy in the NAME of the workers, and which reflect the corrupt moral depravity of a small minority of God-hating, America-hating secular humanists who seek to impose an atheistic, amoral lifestyle on America (beginning with our children) while forcing any kind of morality that has a religious genesis into the “closet”.

The Occupiers wish to recolonize America with a caesaristic old-world ideology of state-control over the economy that gives people “sexual freedom” at the expense of REAL freedom. Their waging of economic war on America’s ports is not likely to be responded to in a proportional manner, with under-armed and under-staffed police forces being sent against groups of seditionists who want to destroy America itself as part of their ideology for a world-wide socialist revolution.

Some of the Unions, however, may be seeing in this effort a really bad “jump the shark” moment which, far from shutting down ports and winning more powers for the state-controlled economy, will only harden public sentiment against Progressivism, hurt Democrats at the polls, and cause their members to be out of work, and this all for little real gain.

Regardless of the outcome, the Occupiers are determined that NOW is the time to implement a Progressive socialist revolution and destroy America as a union of popular and democratic republics while creating, in its place, a union of soviet socialist “republics” with Washington DC as the national capital and planning center for the state-controlled economy.