No doubt President Obama’s political opponents, divided and bruised over the shutdown battle (thanks mostly to a partisan media), take heart as they see President Obama’s credibility crumbling.

The most devastating blow, and one that has largely gone unreported in the partisan media, is the stunning diplomatic rebuke by Saudi Arabia. First, the Saudis refused to take a seat on the UN Security Council, citing as their reason that the United States is not a “reliable” partner in the Middle East. Second, the Saudis have threatened to sever diplomatic ties with the US, a move not foreseen by anyone, it would seem, but the Freedomist: we have been warning of a rupture between the US and the Arab nations.

The Saudis were involved early in the anti-Assad rebels, before their infiltration by Salafists (whom the Saudis oppose), and were sickened by the “nuetrality” of the US, which many see as having played into the hands of the Salafists. Now, in a bitterly stunning move, US support has gone to the Salafists!

In Egypt, the US backed the ouster of Mubarak, citing a devotion to “democracy”, backed the Muslim Brotherhood (a Salafist and anti-Saudi group), and then, after a popular uprising against their oppression was backed by the military, cut off critical foreign aid.

The US has turned a blind eye to Salafists in general, but has gone against anti-Salafist allies, supporting Muslim Brotherhood groups who fly the false flag of “democracy” in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

While the Saudis threw in the Palestian issue as part of their complaints, after leaking that a strategic shift away from the US was underway (not accidental), this issue has never been, as a practical matter, a major factor in US/Saudi relations.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Barack Obama picked up his phone to reach out to the Iranians, who swiped him down derisively, even as the Iranians are backing the Assad regime and fomenting against the Saudis and the Gulf States. Obama’s policies can ONLY be seen as pro-Salafist and anti-Arab by nations like Saudi Arabia.

This foreign rebuke comes close on the heels of revelations of NSA snooping that targeted the leaders and citizens of Brazil, Mexico, France, and Germany, to name a few, a move anyone in intelligence knows had to have required President Obama’s approval! US allies are seeing a President who is more concerned with spying on them and supporting interests opposed to theirs and less concerned with confronting actual enemies of US allies, including the Salafists.

But all is not well at home.

While the partisan media have largely fooled most Americans into believing their spin that the shutdown was some maniacal plot by the Tea Party to destroy America, the President’s cavalier refusal to negotiate at all, and his strident radical rhetoric, have all but closed any door to future negotiations with any of his political opponents, who see any deal with him as unworkable.

Ironically, the thing that Cruz et al were pushing against, Obamacare, is turning into a political Vietnam for the President’s own party who are suffering a thousand daily wounds and have no exit strategy. Today, there is word that some Democrats are backing a delay in the individual mandate, something the hated “Tea Party” was demanding and that was refused by a President and media who chose instead to demonize them. Now, it turns out, their fears about the consequences of this behemoth’s implementation are completely justified.

The consequences of this debacle, with the President using soundbites and media attack dogs while not really negotiating with ANY of his opponents, are real, and they are begining to be felt.

As Senator Rubio, who has lost all standing over his support for amnesty, noted, he can’t see a deal on amnesty (“immigration reform”) because he now doubts that Obama would make good on any promise to stiffen enforcement and border security. He has seen, as have others, that the President is not a partner you can count on to negotiate in good faith or to keep his word.

Indeed, the President has promised that nobody would lose their insurance over Obamacare, but the truth is that over 16 million people are going to lose their insurance immediately, and as many as 60% will lose their existing plan over the next five years. These people will be forced onto exchanges which you cannot at present enroll in and which typically offer more expensive plans with fewer benefits.

A new debacle is coming as the President’s fanatical devotion to the increasingly untenable global warming alarmism is seen as costing the US untold BILLIONS of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs along with higher energy costs and all to pursue policies that, if global warming is true, would have little impact and if it is not true, are a complete waste of resources. As more and more science, forget the UN’s ideologues and their doctored reports that ignore their own facts, refute global warming theory, more and more people will be angry that these policies were pursued at all.

All of this has led to a diminished President at home and abroad, and a diminished President is not good for America. When America’s reputation is tarnished it will not be easily fixed, not even if the ghost of George Washington took the helm.

America’s leaders have to step up and force changes on this President, and quickly, in three areas- he has to have good faith towards our allies and go hard against Salafism (while stopping all spying on their citizenry and leaders), he has to start negotiating in good faith with his opponents and stop using radical and hateful rhetoric to demonize them, and he has to start keeping his word on things already promised (for instance, he has to make fixes to Obamacare to keep his promise that nobody will lose their existing coverage).

This cannot be done by Republicans alone, Democrats must join in, or not just they, but America, loses.