We have pulled together the FACTS that demonstrate how ACORN in its philosophy is in President Obama’s DNA, that President Obama worked out of the SAME Office as ACORN and the local SEIU group, which he did work for, and that Wayde Rafke, an ACORN founder, was the TREASURER for the SEIU group Obama worked for (or with, we do not know who signed his paychecks), and that President Obama has publicly BRAGGED about his connections to these groups.

While it would be irresponsible and unfair to pretend that President Obama is somehow guilty of all the activities uncovered by the citizen journalists at ACORN offices, the general principle of “like begets like” and “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” should also give us pause as we consider that the present leader of the United States has deep and long term ties to both the SEIU Local 880, which he bragged about, and ACORN, which shared the office with the SEIU Local 880, whose treasurer was Wayde Rafke, one of the founders of ACORN.

The link between the SEIU and ACORN is further revealed by the fact that SIEU’s Andy Stern to serve on ACORN’s INTERNAL AUDIT BOARD: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2009/09/acorn-reacts.html

Stern, who many assert is a man of integrity who does not approve of unethical behavior, may indeed prove to be the right choice for this Board, but the greater picture is this: that the SEIU and ACORN have been and remain joined at the hip and that President Obama remains joined at the hip with both of these organization.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, we should expect the present leader of the United States to be forthright about his connections and his intentions so that the American People can make an informed decision about him, his party, and his policies.

Consider these raw facts:

1. In a 2005 report ACORN’s office noted that the SEIU, which shared its local office, was a “sister union.”


(I have saved the repot in case it is deleted)

2. According to NPR, the SEIU Local 880, which the President worked for, was founded by now discredited ACORN founder Wade Rafke.http://theunionnews.blogspot.com/2008/10/npr-exposes-acorn-seiu-connection.html

3. In 2002 the People’s Weekly detailed how the Local 880 of the SEIU and ACORN worked closely together.http://www.pww.org/article/articleview/1539/

As it says in the article, “ACORN and SEIU work together throughout the nation, representing how progressive organizations can form alliances, to ensure our joint success.” Being in the OFFICE and on the ground, President Obama would KNOW this, and he would also know, despite his claim to the contrary, that ACORN received Federal funding.

4. According to a HISTORY of the SIEU written by Kieth Kelleher, the Head Organizer of the Local 880 of the SIEU, this local SIEU, which helped Obama get into office at the State level and then for his Senate race,  is in fact an outgrowth of ACORN. The PDF report is here, however I have saved it in case it disappears. http://www.justlabour.yorku.ca/volume12/pdfs/01_kelleher_press.pdf

NOTE: in the report the author also makes a clear link between ACORN and the SEIU at a national level, claiming that ACORN essentially brought this INTERNATIONAL union, a socialist-Marxist organization with globalist and utopian aims, into the United States.

5. SEIU Local 880 and ACORN both have a SHARED office in Chicago (at 650 S. Clark Street, Chicago). Additionally, the National ACORN Housing Corporation is located at this address.

6. As part of his reward for being a loyal “purple solider”, Obama was supported by SEIU funds/manpower massively in PA according to the New York Times.


7. In 2007 Obama “rocked the house” at an SIEU events


According to the article, “SEIU’s members are temperamentally suited to Obama; he is a longtime friend of Chicago’s SEIU Local 880 and worked closely with the union as an organizer and later as a state legislator.”

This is a DIRECT link between President Obama, the SEIU and ACORN, indeed, as noted above, the two organizations SHARED an office in Chicago, where President Obama, as an “organizer” worked with the Local 880, with Wade Rafke as its treasurer, when he came to Chicago in 1995.

Obama, here http://www.americanprogressaction.org/events/healthforum/obama_transcript.html, describes what he did as a community organizer:

“When I was a young organizer, I had just moved to Chicago. I started with working with SEIU Local 880, home health care workers, to make sure that they were registered to vote. I had a say in the politics in Illinois. When I went to the state legislature, I worked with Tom Balanoff in SEIU to make sure that children who didn’t have health care received it. And we made sure that hospitals report on the quality of care, the staffing ratios that they had set up, and now we’re working together at the federal level to make sure that all Americans, not just some Americans, are allowed to prosper.”

Also the article includes this:

“But the real key in passing universal health care is the ability to bring people together in a process that is open and transparent and builds real consensus, and I’ve got a track record of doing that.”

Obama implied that one of his opponents in the Democratic primary, John Edwards was a Johnny-come-lately.

“I’ve spent my entire adult life working with SEIU. I’m not a newcomer to this,” Obama said. “I didn’t suddenly discover SEIU on the campaign trail. Oh, y’all organize. You wear purple, do you?” he said, referring to the spirit color the SEIU has chosen.

The article says that Obama was well known to have worked with Local SIEU 880 which has SHARED offices with ACORN in Chicago where, we have established, Obama worked in SOME capacity as an organizer.

Does this mean that the SEIU or President Obama are guilty of the misdeeds of the ACORN staff members who were caught in videotape? This is not implied, what is interesting, and deserves further scrutiny, is that President Obama is, in fact, closely tied to the SEIU and ACORN, that their beliefs and agenda are in his “DNA”, and that it is fair to assess what he is about and what the intentions of his policies might be on the basis of his connections with these organizations, which are truly foundational to his whole political outlook and agenda.

President Obama has promised to fundamentally transform the United States, and if this is true then any analysis of what that MEANS, what that will look like, necessarily involves a discussion or and comparison with ACORN’s beliefs and practices, SEIU’s beliefs and practices, and indeed the whole “community” of Marxists and Black Nationalists Obama invested his time and energy into.

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