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ATTN:  Citizen investigators needed in response to the latest Obama move to seize control of the nation:  the Bernice Young Obama Video

This video is spreading like wildfire- another example of the indoctrination of our youth by Interloper King, Barack Hussein Obama.  What follows are the raw bits of data we could cull from the web this school appears connected to, leading to the CORPORATION…the Corporation for National Service…aka Americorp, with its already-established incestuous ties to the Tides Foundation, SEIU, ACORN, and the usual gang of progressive thugs that form Obama’s “coalitions of power” to “fundamentally change America”

We need your help following these leads out.  IF you are from Burlington, NJ, please give us your unique local info that might not be readily found on the web.  Names and email addresses are included of all the people connected to this agit-prop indoctrination of our youth.

Obama is following the Chavez model, so expect within two years or less a push to change term limit restrictions on the Presidency so Obama can be President for Life.  Why else try to get the kiddies to worship the Interloper King?

Shirley Pires

Vice President
Marilese Filbert

Michele Radcliffe

Bruce Heller
Grievance Chair
Membership Chair
Laura Stegmuller
Same domain as the school


Bernice young elementary school add

Address: 1203 Neck Road, Burlington, NJ 08016 ~ Phone: (609) 386-3520 ~ Fax: (609) 239-3532

Burlington Township Education Association

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  • 366 E Broad St
  • Burlington, NJ 08016

Service Learning: Education Beyond the Classroom

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Burlington Township High School. BurlingtonNew Jersey. Contact: Shirley Pires.Burlington Township High School. 610 Fountain Avenue. BurlingtonNJ 08016 
www.epa.gov/waste/education/pdfs/svclearn.pdf – Similar

Barbara Holland, Director

Barbara Holland, Ph.D., is Director of the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, a project funded by the Learn and Serve America of the Corporation for National and Community Service


Our Programs
Senior Corps
AmeriCorps VISTA
AmeriCorps NCCC
Learn and Serve America

More About Our Programs


Controversy erupted after the NEA, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and the White House convened an Aug. 10 conference call, in which government officials appeared to encourage potential grant recipients to create art such as films, music or paintings that would support President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda.

Service-Learning and Other Resources
The Corporation for National and Community Service supports a variety of resources designed to support service-learning programs and to help colleges and universities spur volunteering among their students. These include:

  • Learn and Serve America is a national service program, administered by the Corporation, that supports and encourages service-learning throughout the United States, and enables over one million students to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills. By engaging our nation’s young people in service-learning, Learn and Serve America instills an ethic of lifelong community service.  Learn and Serve America provides direct and indirect support to K-12 schools, community groups and higher education institutions to facilitate service-learning projects.
  • The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse provides resources and best practices to support service-learning programs. It includes information on why service-learning is a valued part of higher education, faculty award programs, and institutions that acknowledge service-learning on the transcript or as a graduation requirement.
  • The Resource Center is your online stop for tools, training, and information to strengthen your volunteer or service program. Through The Resource Center, you can search and access online training tools, event calendars, and effective practices, as well as a catalogue of printed publications and videos available on loan. In addition, the Resource Center serves as a learning exchange where individual programs can share their innovations and effective practices with others. The Resource Center’s content is generated by a network of more than 20 training and technical assistance providers.
  • Hallmarks of Effective Service-Learning Programs (PDF) lists the key elements that make for effective service-learning programs.


The transforming power of “SERVICE LEARNING”

“Service learning” isn’t a new phenomenon. It has been well tested by U.S. educators for more than a decade. What’s new is the scale of Obama’s plan. His massive system would press students and citizens of all ages in a revolutionary government-led program to change the way we think and relate to each other. A more descriptive term would be mass brainwashing! He outlines it on his official website:

“Expand Service-Learning in Our Nation’s Schools: Obama will set a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year. He will develop national guidelines for service-learning and will give schools better tools both to develop programs and to document student experience.”[7]

National guidelines? Documenting each server? Such traditional words now have new meaning[8] and requirements unknown to the public. Service learning implies socialist indoctrination through facilitated group dialogue designed to break down barriers, manipulate minds, and build unity in diversity. All members will be monitored and tracked by massive computer networks. And all the personal attitudes, beliefs, values, adaptability, and especially resistance to the planned change — i.e. all the countless factors that now define a person’s “mental health[9] — will be recorded within these systems.

Does that remind you of China’s dang’an — the growing personal data file that follows each Chinese citizen through life?

It should, because America is following the well-tested footprints of Communist dictators in both China and Russia. As I pointed out in my last article on the Olympics, China is using (and testing) sophisticated American technology to advance its universal and transformational surveillance system. This fact sheds some sobering light on Obama’s promise that,

“…we’ll use technology to connect people to service…. You’ll be able to search by category, time commitment, and skill sets; you’ll be able to rate service opportunities, build service networks, and create your own service pages to track your hours and activities. This will empower more Americans to craft their own service agenda, and make their own changefrom the bottom up.”[10]

“Make their own change?” That may sound good, but there would be no freedom to deviate from the new guidelines. Besides, all this personal information would be available to government leaders and facilitators.

Look at other facets of Obama’s plan. Each would involve group training in dialectical thinking. An article titled “A New Era of Service” quotes Obama:

“I will call on a new generation of Americans to join our military…. I will expand AmeriCorps to 250,000 slots, and make that increased service a vehicle to meet national goals like providing health care and education, saving our planet and restoring our standing in the world, so that citizens see their efforts connected to a common purpose.”[2]

Meanwhile, each crisis — real or contrived — will be used by today’s “change agents” to raise the dissatisfaction, passion and justification needed to speed the planned change.[11]

“We are on the verge of a global transformation,” said David Rockefeller. “All we need is the right major crisis…”[12]

[Note: To understand the history and practical details of “Service Learning,” please read Serving a Greater Whole]


This brief historical time line highlights some of the most important dates in the development of service-learning.
1903 Cooperative Education Movement founded at the University of Cincinnati
alt=”*”> Circa 1905 William James, John Dewey developing intellectual foundations to service-based learning
1910 American philosopher William James envisions non-military national service in his essay “The Moral Equivalent of War”
alt=”*”> Circa 1915 Some Folk Schools in Appalachia become two- and four-year colleges with work, service, and learning connected
1933-1942 Through the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, millions of young people serve terms of 6 to 18 months to help restore the nation’s parks, revitalize the economy, and support their families and themselves
alt=”*”> 1935 Work Projects Administration established (needed public work for people who needed jobs)
1944 The GI Bill links service and education, offering Americans educational opportunity in return for service to their country
alt=”*”> 1960s The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), the Foster Grandparent Program, and the Senior Companion Program are developed to engage older Americans in the work of improving the nation
1961 President John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps, with authorizing legislation approved by Congress on September 22, 1961
alt=”*”> 1964 As part of the “War on Poverty,” President Lyndon B. Johnson creates VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), a National Teacher Corps, the Job Corps, and University Year of Action. VISTA provides opportunities for Americans to serve full-time to help thousands of low-income communities. White House Fellows program established
1965 College work-study programs established
1966 Urban Corps emerged, funded with federal work-study dollars
1966-1967 “Service-learning” phrase used to describe a TVA-funded project in East Tennessee with Oak Ridge Associated Universities, linking students and faculty with tributary area development organizations
1968 National Service Secretariat Conference on National Service held in Washington, D.C
1969 Atlanta Service-Learning Conference (sponsors included Southern Regional Education Board, U.S. Dept. HEW, City of Atlanta, Atlanta Urban Corps, Peace Corps, and VISTA)
1970 The Youth Conservation Corps engages 38,000 people age 14 to 18 in summer environmental programs
1971 White House Conference on Youth report full of calls for linking service and learning. Also, the National Center for Public Service Internships was established, and the Society for Field Experience Education (these two merged in 1978 to become the National Society for Internships and Experiential Education)
Circa 1971 National Student Volunteer Program (became the National Center for Service-Learning in 1979) established. Published Synergist, a journal promoting linking service and learning
1976 California Governor Jerry Brown establishes the California Conservation Corps, the first non-federal youth corps at the state level
1978 The Young Adult Conservation Corps creates small conservation corps in the states with 22,500 participants age 16 to 23
alt=”*”> 1979 “Three Principles of Service-Learning” published in the Synergist
1980s National service efforts are launched at the grassroots level, including the Campus Outreach Opportunity League (1984) and Campus Compact (1985), which help mobilize service programs in higher education; the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps (1985), which helps replicate youth corps in states and cities; National Youth Leadership Council (1982), which helps to prepare future leaders; and Youth Service America (1985), through which many young people are given a chance to serve
alt=”*”> 1981 National Center for Service-Learning for Early Adolescents established
‘ alt=”*”> 1989 Wingspread Principles of Good Practice in Service-Learning written-more than seventy organizations collaborate to produce the ten principles
alt=”*”> 1989-1990 President George Bush creates the Office of National Service in the White House and the Points of Light Foundation to foster volunteering
alt=”*”> 1990 Congress Passes, and President Bush signs, the National and Community Service Act of 1990. The legislation authorizes grants to schools to support service-learning and demonstration grants for national service programs to youth corps, nonprofits, and colleges and universities. Learn and Serve America established (as Serve-America). The legislation also authorizes establishment of the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.
alt=”*”> 1992 The Maryland State Board of Education adopts mandatory service requirement which becomes effective in 1993 and affects the graduating class of 1997 and beyond
1993 Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development endorse the importance of linking service with learning
alt=”*”> Sept. 1993 President Bill Clinton signs the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, creating AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National Service. The legislation unites Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, VISTA and Learn and Serve America into one independent federal agency.
alt=”*”> 1994 Congress passes the King Holiday and Service Act of 1994, charging the Corporation for National Service with taking the lead in organizing Martin Luther King Day as a day of service. The Stanford Service-Learning Institute created. The Ford Foundation/United Negro College Fund Community Service Partnership Project (a 10-college program linking direct service and learning) begun
1995 Service-Learning network on the internet, via the University of Colorado Peace Studies Center
alt=”*”> April 1997 The Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, chaired by General Colin Powell, brings together President Clinton, former Presidents Bush, Ford, and Carter, and Mrs. Reagan to recognize and expand the role of AmeriCorps and other service programs in meeting the needs of America’s youth
1997 Fourth of July Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Higher Education published
Wingspread Declaration Renewing the Civic Mission of theAmericanUniversitypublished
alt=”*”> 2001 First International Conference on Service-Learning Research held
Wingspread conference on student civic engagement held
2002 The USA Freedom Corps, a coordinating council and White House office, was launched to help Americans answer President George W. Bush’s nationwide call to service
2003 President Bush created the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to find ways to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our Nation. The council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service


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