What is this idea of a new nobility of merit?

The root of the idea is simple- When the righteous rule the People rejoice, when the wicked rule, the People mourn. 

If then we should find a way to root out the wicked, to disqualify them from leadership, then we would have righteous rulers. And let’s not think of this word “righteous” in a purely religious context, we might say fair and good, noble of intent, just and of a good character, wishing well for others, not being selfish or vainglorious.

Legion of Merit
Of course, no human system can be perfect. But it can be better. Indeed, our very imperfection creates the opportunity to always strive to be better. So it is with that spirit that I say, we can choose a better way to find leaders.  We do not have to accept what has been or what we know.

We can seek out alternative models.  We can consult other nations and societies to see how they chose their leaders.  We e can even challenge the 20th century model of social democracy, which has produced mostly wicked rulers with few exceptions.

So I see a coming nobility of merit established through objective standards by which one earns standing and status to then be eligible to be chosen for office. In fact the very office of elector who chooses leaders would be an earned, not an inherited, status, open to all persons without distinction by class, sex, ethnicity or race. But only such persons of good character who understand and are willing to uphold the nation’s charter would be qualified.

That may elicit a knee jerk response, but so be it, for the future belongs to such, and now is the time to prepare the next generation for this coming eventuality.  Unearned and inherited citizenship, or, ‘electorship’,  will go away, just as most of the world rejects inherited Ruler-ship, although a righteous ruler who inherited their power is superior to a wicked ruler who was been elected.

What is of urgent importance is the character and capability of the ruler, all else is of secondary importance. We should not imagine that winning an election makes a ruler legitimate, for one can win an election by clever marketing and image-making and still get an unrighteous ruler.

In fact, where citizenship equals inherited electorship and where electors are not qualified by character, knowledge, or shared commitment to the national charter then getting ‘bad’ leaders is virtually guaranteed. An inherited electorship that is not earned is no better than aristocracy. In fact, it can be worse because this disease of unearned authority is so widespread and so easily taken for granted and abused.  A pure democracy, especially one comprised of electors who have earned their electorship through birth alone, ultimately leads to majority tyranny.

As our American system creeps closer and closer to pure democracy and further and further from a merit-based republic, the likelihood of this majority tyranny increases.  In the future, the system that does not pull back from the ‘democractic’ uninherited electorship model will collapses.  When it does,  it will be likely that a nobility of merit will emerge out of historical necessity.

Forward thinkers who see past the previous 100 years, and beyond the next 50 years, can imagine such a future  If you are capable of being unshackled from the familiar, then you and your spiritual heirs are likely to become the most influential electors when that new nobility of merit emerges, as indeed it must!