Despite a court setback, if Net Neutrality only faces the ire of Republicans it is doomed to eventually succeed….and fail.

net neutrality

The DC District Court struck down Net Neutrality. The headlines read something like “ISP’s Could Start Charging Sites Like Netflix, Google, For High Traffic”.

Before the FCC tried to create these rules, which are outside its scope of authority, this was not happening. It won’t happen now or if it does people will flock to ISPs which don’t do such imbecilic things.

The issues of bandwidth are becoming irrelevant, technology is opening up massive bandwidth, just as we have seen with memory. As usual the government is throttling future growth to solve yesterday’s problems which have already been overcome and are being made irrelevant by private citizens using their inventiveness instead of the bureaucracy using its bully club of coercion and control.

Left out of the reports is how Net Neutrality would give government the power to regulate and even censure the internet, though none of the NN rules explicitly claim the power to censure it is no less there than it is with the IRS, which we now know has become a political weapon aimed at opponents of the progressive bureaucracy.

The FCC will likely try an end run by reclassifying the internet as “telecommunications” which they can regulate. Reports state that this will earn the ire of Republicans but as we have seen over and over, the Progressive war on freedom has not ever had reason to fear that ire as it has never slowed them down. So one can expect the FCC will eventually succeed and our internet in America will one day resemble China’s internet.

If it succeed in being implemented, Net Neutrality will ultimately fail. It will wreck the internet experience of most Americans and raise costs and people will demand it be removed. By then, however, with Progressives having a strangelhold over the news and information flow, such opposition might fall on deaf ears and the real failure will be the ultimate failure for freedom in America.

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