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Paul Gordon Collier

thin film solar cell

Magnolia Solar Corporation, out of Albany, NY, has just announced a breakthrough technique to enhance the efficiency of solar panels and lower the costs.  The technique incorporates nanotechnology in the manufacturing process that, Magnolia Solar believes, will make their solar cells more efficient and lower the overall cost of production.

From their press release-  Magnolia Solar has developed nanostructured optical coatings that can minimize reflection losses and enhance light trapping when applied to the surface of either CIGS or III-V solar cells. Magnolia Solar is also developing the technology to apply novel nanostructured designs to the absorber layer of high-performance III-V and CIGS solar cells in order to reduce recombination losses and increase the capture of low-energy photons.

These types of solar cells are used primarily used for mobile and portable power applications.  The solar cells are flexible layers which can be placed on ‘thin metal film’ in a variety of devices and power back-up applications.

Magnolia Solar is working in co-operation with SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and the SUNY Institute of Technology.