I am predicting a 55% chance for a Republican sweep of the election: keep the Senate, regain the House, and keep the White House.

Let’s explore the reasoning behind this prediction, which almost every political pundit and insider will laugh at.

First, there are “the polls”, and I suspect the polling is over sampling for Democrats and desperately wants to demoralize the Republicans: their bias is beyond the pale and there is not going back for them.

The second reason are the “shy voters.”

In this cancel hysteria environment, Trump and Republican supporters are totally gun show, they don’t want their liberal family, friends, or colleagues to shine, shame, and banish them. While the proper response is to band together, shame those who shame others, and push back, the real response is the creation of a simmering plurality of shy voters who refuse to make themselves known.

We have seen accounts of these silent voters, some say silent majority, but, as can be expected, the press refuse to give much oxygen to this story. I don’t think these shy voters are the majority, but I think there are enough of them to give the GOP a sweeping win.

Indeed, taking oxygen away from the opponents of the collectivist corpostate cabal is the chief aim and characteristic of the press and their political allies, the Democrats. Deplatforming, shaming, shunning, and banishing the strongest voices from the center and right is designed to put fear in the hearts of everyone else. Call it a soft tyranny or shadow dictatorship, but one thing it isn’t is freedom.

This insidious assault of free speech and freedom of association against all opponents of the corpostate is pushing people against a wall and the general idea is that the ballot is the last and only place where one can act in opposition without directly being targeted for doing so.

And so we suppose an American populace who still wants freedom will lean toward Republicans as the only wah to voice opposition to the cirpos, whose champion is the Democratic Party. This is by no means an endorsement of the GOP, whose failures are legendary. It is the only visceral and safe way to show opposition and stick it to the man, as it were.

But the probability for this to happen isn’t overwhelming, we give this scenario a 55% chance as opposed to a host of other scenarios, which include a 33% chance Democrats sweep as cowed Americans retreat and surrender to what they feel is either inevitable or not as dangerous as some portray it.

What we cannot know with certainty is who will vote on what numbers and what is driving them. A substantial plurality of Americans totally embrace the “America is bad”, or at least in need of dramatic “reforms” and that the President and Republicans are unjust, hateful bigots with a criminal intent.

It is the press who have spread these seditious lies and smears while working mightily to suppress dissent and any evidence that contradicts their glowing praise of Democrats and practical blood libel of Republicans. The real question is: will the press’s narrative of GOP Monsters prevail or will the thirst for freedom that sees through the blood libel prevail?

To say the Press are enemies of the people is no stretch. They march in lockstep with the corpostate and its Party, the Democrats, and they evince a design of soft or shadow tyranny, mostly carried out by and through monopoly platforms that deplatform and cancel dissentors into financial and social ruin.

The corpostate cabal include old money and new money bankers who control and ally with major platforms like Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, and Google and the major press outlets to craft a corpostate hegemony over the lives of every single one of us. Every other institution in our entire Western Civilization belongs to or is controlled by this cabal.

Against this flow the masses who may still yearn for freedom have little more they can do, or that they THINK they can do, then to vote GOP and stick it in the eye of the corpostate goons. It is on such grounds we say the GOP has a 55% chance of a sweep.

But we have a 33% chance the rot is too deep and wide and too few American voters can think beyond or around the endless diet of sensational headlines meant to convince them that bondage is liberation and freedom is just a word for shallow carnal self-indulgence and nothing more.

If indeed after election day the corpostate and its Party win, serious Freedomists will have to find new venues and gaps for freedom outside the platforms and the dominant socioeconomic structures. Indeed, even if the GOP wins this approach must be epxlored and built, because the GOP is no Freedomist party!

The problem for Freedomists is that we have no champion. Neither Trump nor his GOP are effective and consistent champions of true freedom founded on virtue, liberty, and independence. In moral character and behavior, in ethical conduct, and in consistent devotion to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, Trump and the GOP are at best inconsistent, “sometimes champions.”

We can name all the faults, flaws, and hypocrisy of Trump and the GOP, but as to the Democrats, we have a Party who places no other gods before itself than the corpostate ruling class, all its “woke” propaganda notwithstanding!