Palin Movie, MSM, The Undefeated, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf

Palin Movie, MSM, The Undefeated, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf

Palin Movie, MSM, The Undefeated, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf


Update:  Apparently, there was advanced advertising for this movie on Thursday, July 14th, in the LA TIMES- an obscure listing- one line- and- perhaps someone looking for The Undefeated in Orange County may have allegedly found a listing for 12:45 am.  In the article- Conor says he was going to a 12:45 am showing, but the ad lists the time as 12:01 am.  Perhaps Conor may not be in collusion with a movie theater manager, but why, if he wanted to interview Palin Supporters, would he go a midnight showing that was barely advertised?  We stick by our story that this was a rigged MSM event perpetrated by Conor Friedersdorf for the sole purpose of discrediting the movie’s weekend release and even Sarah Palin herself.  Here is the story as we originally published it, along with a screenshot of the obscure listing for the movie:

Palin Movie Empty Theater

Palin Movie Empty Theater

Secret Showing of The Undefeated For Lone Reporter?
William Collier

Palin Movie- The Undefeated- meets MSM ploy to report an ’empty theater’ at midnight, the night before the opening?

Did Conor Friedersdorf from The Atlantic arrange to have a secret showing of “The Palin Movie, The Undefeated” just so he could say “the theater was empty”?

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Orange California seems to have jumped the gun on The Undefeated movie, which debuts today in 10 cities in the US, with a special midnight showing for a a reporter from The Atlantic.

Conor Friedersdorf wrote breathlessly about an “empty theater” for a “debut.” The progressive journolist may have been told about such a showing but we know that nobody knew anything about it.

How did we know?

Our company, Kross Publishing, has been engaged in online marketing support and mobilizing a group of on the ground Hosts and virtual Ambassadors, and there has never been any mention of or advertising for any midnight showing.

The open question is: how did this reporter, Conor Friedersdorf, KNOW about this totally un-advertised showing that our company, which is working on marketing for the film, did not know about?

Movie theaters CAN show a movie like this, without notice, and if advanced ticket sales are high or decent, they might use an extra screen for a showing that is not scheduled. In this case the theater chose to do that, but on the same night of the big debut of Harry Potter: hardly an auspicious time for a movie that has a niche audience as opposed to a large general audience.

How then was everyone surprised about this showing save a lefty reporter?

It is possible, as one of our staff suggested, that the theater manager and the reporter are buddies, or someone inside the theater knew the reporter. It is also possible that Conor Friedersdorf, lefty that he is, knows that theaters can sometimes do a midnight showing and that he watched online until he saw this suddenly open up and decided, instead of covering the official debut, that he would call an unscheduled, un-advertised midnight showing the “debut” and use that to smear the movie.

Perhaps he thought he would win a Pulitzer for his little stunt, but anyone with any kind of horse sense knows that you don’t choose an unscheduled, un-advertised showing of a movie not scheduled to debut until later in the day (the official evening showing today, Friday July 15, 2011) to, as he claimed, “interview” attendees.

Conor did not want to interview attendees, otherwise he would have chosen a time that was advertised, not an unscheduled, un-advertised midnight showing.

This reporter’s cute little stunt goes right to the heart of what the movie is about- the blatant attempts by the journolist media elites to impugn, smear, and destroy anyone who does not go along with their Progressive ideology.

You may not want to vote for Sarah Palin, but this little episode reveals why Palin supporters and conservatives in general want to see this movie- for here is laid bare the media’s ongoing war against the freedom of conservatives, Christians, and non-Progressives through the very same types of stunts pulled by this Conor character.

Tickets for the movie are available here-

The purpose of Conor’s report is clear- he was fishing for the headline he wanted to write, i.e. “Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County.”

Perhaps the real headline should read, “The Atlantic Covers Unadvertised, Unscheduled Movie Showing As Debut.”

This just in- on the day before The Atlantic hit the stands there were no sales for that issue!

Palin Movie, MSM, The Undefeated, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf