Bill Collier

Recent surveys reveal that millenials are mostly in favor of being “socially liberal.”  In other words they are for abortion, gay marriage, and legalization of drugs for “recreational” uses. Many politicians in the GOP are taking note and, in a bid to obtain the vote of millennials, modifying their stance.

But millennials also value freedom, prosperity, fairness, and opportunity, according to these surveys. Indeed they are socially liberal and fiscally more conservative, although they tend to vote from a perspective of “social liberalism”, which favor the Democrats who champion this rejection of traditional morality as enlightenment.

Here then is my response to those millennials who have embraced the belief that moral virtue is intolerance and being immoral by “traditional” standards is “enlightenment”.

If you want freedom, fairness, prosperity, and opportunity then denying the need for moral virtue only ensures you that you will not get any of these things. When we cannot define marriage in a manner that is most conducive to mothers and fathers raising their own children, we adopt a “world as spoil” ethos that is going to produce more decadence and more corruption. People who follow the gods of their loins have no difficulty cheating, lying, or, in general, adopting a distrustful and corrupt pattern of behavior.

As I see it, millennials have been brainwashed by hedonists in our education system to embrace a libertine view, an “anything goes” morality, or a-morality, that is more focused on “saving the planet” than actual self-control. Discarding the ancient wisdom of thousands of generations by saying drug use, “gay marriage”, and abortion are all “good” is hubris but, worse, embracing such unhealthy practices (unhealthy for body and soul) is dangerous for the well-being of society itself.

So it would seem that baby boomers have intervened and taught their grandchildren to follow strange “gods”, namely the gods of their loins, and this cannot end well.

As Millennials grow up and see the diseases, the broken families, the crime, and the economic and political corruption that must follow their moral decadence, they are likely to become much less open minded about the promotion of sexual promiscuity (and “experimentation”) and legalized inebriation as matters of official policy. Or they will fail to make the connection between cause and effect and continue to seek government subsidization to fix the problem their own immorality is causing.

Politicians who pander to the millennials’ penchant for following the gods of their loins are digging the grave for their sovereign state. In the end, the gods of our loins are gods that terrorize and kill, tear down and destroy. They promise pleasure without pain, but give only fleeting pleasure and then endless pain. Instead of pandering, true leaders should be pushing the truth, that those who reject the moral virtues that our society has learned from its ancient roots to be most useful for its well-being will end up opening themselves up to all manners of corrupt consequences.

Moral laws are not arbitrary, they are objective.  To disregard them must necessarily cause negative consequences for the entire society.  True freedom and prosperity is not compatible with immorality disguised as tolerance.

Wake up millennials, you could be throwing your entire civilization’s future away with your embrace of the gods of the loins. This licentious worldview is not cutting edge, it is mainstream and conventional in today’s American culture.  Like lemmings, you are heading towards the cliff with the pack, racing to your own destruction.