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Union operatives and militant leftists attacked Latino supporters of Carly Fiorina


Union Thugs tell Latinos who aren’t supporting their leftist agenda that they have “lost” their “barrio pass” and are “unwelcome here” in the Latino community.

Latino Supporters of Carly Fiorina

Attacked by Union Operatives and Left-Wing Militants-

Collier Brothers (Bill and Paul Collier reporting)


“They’re sending around two dozen people out and are literally in our faces shouting at us with megaphones.” Andy Blom


At around 3:30 PM PST earlier today, Alameda County, Latino supporters of California Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina, were confronted by dozens of  alleged union operatives and left-wing militants at multiple bus tour stops the group was making.

Andy Blom, Executive Director of American Principles In Action, was on scene and is riding on the bus supporting this tour. According to Blom, “They’re sending around two dozen people out and are literally in our faces shouting at us with megaphones.”

The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, a division of American Principles In Action, a national nonprofit advocacy group, is sponsoring a bus tour through California to encourage Latinos to vote for Carly Fiorina in her US Senate bid against union-backed Barbara Boxer.

As the Latino base in California is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro comprehensive immigration reform, (according to the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles) the group hopes to illustrate how Carly Fiorina actually reflects Latino values more than her pro-abortion, pro gay rights, incumbent Barbara Boxer.

At one stop, the group was being confronted by about two dozen alleged Union operatives and gay activists.  The operatives are shouting down these modern-day “Freedom Riders”, and in some instances using physical intimidation to try to get the Fiorina supporters to “shut up”. While this latest stop, at Alameda, was the worst stop, the level of aggressiveness has been steadily building.

“People in the Latino community shouldn’t be afraid to come out and hear the other side,” Andy Blom told the Freedomist, while still on the bus just a few hours after the incident, “but the fact is, they’re very worried because if the Latino community hears the truth, they will lose support.” Blom was referring to the alleged union toughs and militant gay activists he has caught on video using megaphones to scream into the faces of the Latino crowds that had gathered to hear the Pro-Fiorina supporters speak.

The level of harassment is escalating and Blom sees that an escalation of such aggression is likely to continue and could even rise to the level of physical violence.  The tour will be going to larger cities where the number of supporters for Fiorina amongst the Latino community will be larger and Blom is concerned that “if they (the militants) try and pull this down there, in, say L.A. or Orange County, I’m not sure what will happen.”  The level of aggression directed at the Latinos has been steadily rising at each stop on the tour.

Video of the event is being prepared at this moment and as soon as it is available it will be posted exclusively on the Freedomist.

Notice in the clip below how this union thug is trying to speak for the WHOLE Latino community, telling Latinos who differ with him politically to “go home” and saying “you’re not welcome in the Latino community.”

Since when did being a Latino somehow require you to be a leftist?

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Here is how a Left-leaning site covers this story:

A bus courting Latino voters for Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina pulled up at Napa’s Fuller Park on Wednesday morning expecting to be greeted by local GOP supporters.

There wasn’t a single Fiorina supporter in sight.

Instead, riders with Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles were greeted by a raucous crowd of Democrats chanting support for Fiorina’s Democratic opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Two men got off the bus, attempted to make a pro-Fiorina speech, then quickly packed it up.

“We were ready to talk to anybody who wanted to listen,” said Thomas Peters, communications director with the American Principles Project, who rode on the bus. “We were shouted down, so we had to leave.”

Peters said he was surprised that no supporters showed up at Fuller Park to greet his bus. This may be attributable to the last-minute scheduling of the Napa stop, he said.

Here is a video from Breitbart on Boxer hiring Day Laborers to protest Carly Fiorina. Wonder if these folks were day laborers too?