It Is Not Your Land

I have a message for the Arabs who occupy East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria- It’s NOT your land!

God loves the Arab People, He has given them much land, but He did not give them the land of the Egyptians or their heirs, He did not give them Assyria or Lebanon, and He did not give them Judea, Samaria, or East Jerusalem.

The Arab People have chosen a false God, rejecting Jehovah who loves them and wants nothing but good for them, and they have trespassed against many other Peoples, playing the role of an aggressive imperial power for over 1400 years!

The Arab People are, basically, in such a dark state of transgression that it is a wonder of God’s grace that He has not smitten them all to death! I suppose if God can tolerate me and show me grace He can do so for the Arab People.

In the end, however, the Arabs have a choice- be happy with all that God has given you, or keep trespassing in lands not given to you by God and face His wrath.