Turkey ally erdogan obamaFrom The World Freedomist, here is an analysis/opinion piece on the Turkish-American military alliance that was completed a few weeks ago, ostensibly to help the US fight the war against ISIS.  The article casts some doubts on the soundness of such an alliance and even calls into question Turkey’s motives, which, at the end of the day, might actually be in opposition to American interests.

With Friends like Turkey, Do We Really Need Enemies?

Paul Gordon Collier- ANALYSIS and OPINION- A few weeks ago a new alliance was celebrated between Turkey and the United States that promised greater cooperation between the two nations in the fight against ISIS. At the time of the agreement, a Turkish diplomat stated, “This is the beginning of a new understanding of military cooperation between the NATO allies. We have been able to bridge many of our differences regarding what needs to be done against them and how.”

On the American side, a senior military official is quoted as saying, “We cautioned the government about potential repercussions of unilateral action in uncharted territory. Full international legitimacy must be a sine qua non for any operation in a neighboring country.”

A NATO official added, “We are pleased of this emerging opportunity that will no doubt boost allied operational and logistical capabilities and firepower.”

On August 29th, the Turkish Air Force sent out their first missions against ISIS in cooperation with the United States. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry stated, “Our fighter aircraft, together with warplanes belonging to the coalition, began as of yesterday evening to jointly carry out air operations against [Isis] targets that also constitute a threat against the security of our country. The fight against the terrorist organisation is a priority for Turkey.”

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