Intentional nationhood is a novel concept and may seem jarring, especially if your view of nationhood is dictated to you by power-hungry politicians and their partisan hack media and entertainment establishment. But intentional nationhood is in fact a 21st century approach to advanced levels of freedom.

While nationhood is many things and has many uses, one key thing it can provide is a framework of standards and norms by which you can easily detect fraudulent ideas that might do you harm. This is a view of nationhood disconnected from and independent of the ruling class. This is a view of nationhood that is both more ancient in its roots and more modern in its approach.

Most people in today’s culture are not deep thinkers and they don’t think along the lines of ideas and principles. They vote based on appearances and soundbites and the things that drive them rarely have to do with ideas. Attempts to appeal to logic, truth, and reason rarely work. This doesn’t mean most people are dumb or lazy, they just don’t know any better: our education system teaches conformity to the ideology of the teaching elites and not critical thinking or logic. We have been systematically dumbed down to focus on shallow things and not to develop or learn ideational frameworks that could prevent us from being played the fool.

Nationhood is a way we can take back the agency of our own minds and our own critical thinking. Through this spiritual construct of the mind and heart, we can see the fraud and lies for what they are. We can see right through the smoke and mirrors to the essential truth. Nationhood divides things neatly into that which we view as positive and possible and that which we can see is negative and fraudulent.

What is nationhood? It is a shared identity that organically unifies many people around a set of shared beliefs, values, and convictions for common goals that beenfit all.

You may argue against this, but why? If we want to adopt nationhood along these line, why shouldn’t we, why should we let others whose interests go again our own decide for us? If nationhood is obedience to politicians and your life being controlled by whoever suckers more people to vote for them, why would any sane person want that?

We choose to adopt a form of nationhood that is based on a spritual construction of ideals, principles, and practices that reflect our core beliefs, values, and convictions. We choose a nationhood of ideas, not of power and politics or even race or geography, in keeping with a 21st century reality.

This is more powerful than the politics-as-god nationhood we were spoon-fed by ideological “teachers.” Breaking out of that mindset isn’t just about a politics of freedom, it is radical rebellion against the supremacy of politics in our lives. We are free, as from our Creator, to define our nationhood as we see fit, we are not limited to what we were taught by those whose interests are not aligned with our welfare and happiness.

Nationhood is powerful because it can connect millions of people across vast spaces with little or no command and control. Simply by living out the ideals, principles, and practices of a shared nationhood you can harmonize with millions of other people, even without having a central organization or command structure.

It is in the propagation and impartation of a new nationhood rooted in Judeo-Christian ideals, principles, and practices that we can liberate millions from a command and control structure run by a ruling class whose interests are not aligned with their welfare and happiness. This isn’t political and it isn’t imposed, but it is in defiance of any ruling class who wants a society ruled by a politics that is itself ruled by a few people at the top of a sprawling mass of tax slaves, vote slaves, and wage slaves.

Remember, before Israel had a kingdom, it was a nation, even when they were slaves in Egypt. Nationhood is not to be confused with statehood!

And just what is that nationhood?

It doesn’t quite matter right this second. Before you can either embrace or perhaps be the progenitor of a new nationhood founded on freedomist ideals you have to be willing to step outside your learned perception and embrace new possibilities outside those limits. You have to see nationhood as ideals and ideas, not as a system of control by the few over the many.

People who think this way are not driven to distraction from what really matters, not in how they vote and not in their everyday life. This concept of intentional nationhood applies to your own success and prosperity as much as to how and why you choose to vote. It flows from within, outward, and is voluntary, warm, and transfigurative.

Nationhood is not citizenship, it isn’t race, and it isn’t politics. It is a spiritual construct that produces fruitful ideals, principles, and practices that elevate and empower, that connect and mobilize, and that transform and renew from deep within. It is felt, known, and experienced deeply within and through you. Nationhood is a new power we can harness to destroy the death grip of a ruling class for whom nationhood is but a means to divide and conquer the many, all for the benefit of the few.

Nationhood says, “this is of us, this isn’t”, it divides truth from fraud, it divides the bad actors from the good people, and it elevates the noble while shunning the corrupt. If whatever your version of nationhood is doesn’t have these qualities, then it’s time to move past the top-down industrial age politocracy where politics rules all and only a few rule politics.

As for those who might suppose our concept of nationhood creates open borders or doesn’t distinguish from who is or isn’t part of your nation, this is not at all the case. Countries, kingdoms of this earth, can and must protect the nations of people within them and must favor those nations above all who come from the outside. In reclaiming nationhood as a spiritual construct that flows from within us, we are not abdicating our rights to self-preservation and self-determination as individuals or bodies of people.

But before we can reassert our power and spiritual sovereignty as it applies to the kingdoms of this earth, we must claim or reclaim the mantle and power of nationhood as something we can choose and own, free of the lecherous ruling class who use it only to control us.

When we control and choose our own nationhood we have the proper mindset of free people. We cannot be easily swayed by smoke and mirrors and we are quickly able to identity frauds and counterfeits because we have our own plumb line to compare them to. If nationhood is so shallow as to only mean citizenship or race or where you live, then anyone can use it to control you. But when nationhood is ideas, then it becomes very hard to control you.

Embrace a new and 21st century form of nationhood and begin to think and act like spiritually sovereign people created in the very image of God.

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