Jackson Home Summit 8 27 15W. R. (BIll) Collier Jr- On background, while in Jackson Hole, the Freedomist has learned that the focus of the Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will be inflation and preventing its occurance. This is likely to result in a push to raise rates, although none of the people we spoke to would say they were certain this would happen.

Additionally (again judging from the background conversations we heard), there is nervousness and concern about the Fed Up group who were said to be in attendance on location. We are with the Jackson Hole Summit with the American Principles Project, which is near the other location but not in the same hotel. Among participants we interacted with there was concern about what the Fed Up people might do to disrupt proceedings, though local authorities feel there will be no disruptions to speak of at the event.

Attendees of both events I interacted with told me they saw dozens of people with “Fed Up” T-shirts.  We saw a number ourselves, and we estimate that 50-100 protesters will arrive. Many more than that number are actually expected at the APP’s event, which will feature such speakers as former Senator Jim DeMint, among other luminaries.

We’ll keep you posted on events and any news that arises from the event.