SJWism demands scalps, it demands evidence of your righteousness in the form of destroyed lives for violating the unaccountable ‘laws’ of sjwism.

This climate is conditioning children that are becoming adults to seek approval from orthodox authority and seek to destroy that which is not approved by authority.

With the rise of Coronavilles, the age of COVID, colleges and universities are now able to accelerate their deprogramming programs, as they seek to strip humans of their agency and grace and fill them with authority-defined moral supremacism and hate.

COVID is Creating a ‘Snitch Culture’ on Many College Campuses – feedproxy.google.com

From feedproxy.google.com 2021-02-22 08:00:02 Mike LaChance “sometimes used by students to target peers they don’t like or seek to take revenge on” Higher education’s long march into the world of Orwell continues, unabated. The Chicago […]