Bill Collier Jr- I am the Prosperitist. Are you a Prosperitist too? A Prosperitist is someone who believes prosperity for everyone is possible and that creating an environment where people are free to prosper is a moral and ethical obligation incumbent upon all who hold a public trust. Prosperity is not “being rich”, it is being free to pursue your God or your conscience’s BEST for your life without dependence upon or subservience to others. Prosperity is huan dignity respected and advanced by ennobling people instead of holding them back or making them by artibtrary and unfair rules of rendering them dependent on other people.

Prosperity has four pillars- economic growth in excess of population growth, peace and security at home and abroad, a sound money supply that is stable and isn’t easily manipulated, and good government that is both fair and efficient in every way. So we have economic growth, peace and security, sound money, and good government as the four pillars of prosperity. Prosperity levels inquealities naturally, giving all a chance to rise without artificial hindrances. Prosperity removes social and economic injustices: self-reliant people are not a prey to bigots and exploiters. Prosperity leads to freedom: self-reliant people won’t crave more government control or benefits when they do fine without both.

It is for all of these reasons that the reds on the left and right oppose true prosperity. They don’t want everyone in such a state that 95% of their needs and wants can be met without government being involved. Indeed, for inner city poor who face discrimination and exploitation to rise up on their own without the “benefit” of government dependency would be a blow to their basis of power!

So I am a Prosperitist. I focus on building Prosperity for all- and this requires a growing economy, peace and security, sound money, and good government. All of these things are threatened by the lefist anti-prosperity and pro-bureaucracy policies.

Become a Prosperitist.