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Horace Greeley- June 1854: “We should not care much whether those thus united (against slavery) were designated ‘Whig,’ ‘Free Democrat’ or something else; though we think some simple name like ‘Republican’ would more fitly designate those who had united to restore the Union to its true mission of champion and promulgator of Liberty rather than propagandist of slavery.”

It’s time for us to learn our history because it appears we are repeating much of it, largely because people do not know the past to see the tricks of the liars and the thieves before they can pull them off.  The tricks are the same- the techniques are different- the technologies are different- but the standards of these tricks have remained largely unchanged. 

republican party convention 1856

Reclaiming Our Party and Our Nation

Paul Gordon Collier


American history is filled with struggles between those who believe in individual liberty and those who believe in the power of the few over the many.  Those who believe in individual liberty are remarkably consistent throughout the ages.  Those who believe in the power of the few over the many have taken on many forms, from advocates of pure democracy (mob rule) to extreme Federalists (like Alexander Hamilton) to Slave merchants (like the Democratic party of the 1800s) to the current most dominant form of this ideal in America today- progressivism.

These progressives have managed to completely take over the Democratic Party and have taken the majority of the leadership in the Republican Party.  Champions of individual liberty have been asleep for a long time in this nation, since their liberties were not being fundamentally challenged and since life was relatively comfortable for this nation in the 20th century.

But now, as we are well into the 21st century, the comfort is gone and the mirage of liberty has been lifted.  We are seeing our liberties being challenged at existential levels.  Sometime after 2004, as we saw the GOP-controlled government act more like progressives than republicans, some of us began to wake up.

The big victories of the Dems in 2006 came as a result of Constitutionalists, true Republicans, not showing up to vote.  Why vote when your choice appeared largely to be between a GOP Progressive and a Dem Progressive?

Sadly, some true Constitutional Republicans lost in the 2006 election as well, because the Constitutional Republicans had not yet identified themselves, had not organized to fight for the right Republicans.  Surprisingly, some Constitutional Republicans were not yet fully convinced that there were strong elements in the Republican Party that were as unaligned with Individual Liberty as the Democratic Progressives were (and still are).

Progressives understand who they are, and there is little disunity amongst their block.  They can embrace the Progressive Party (the Democratic Party) with pride and a clear understanding of what the progressives have identified with- social justice and equality, security and safety created by a democratically elected government that will make sure the bad players are not allowed to continue to exploit the weak in society.

The Progressive brand is simple to understand.  Never mind that the true nature of progressivism is not revealed to the rank and file progressives that support them.  Their marketing is effective and gives an emotional, easy-to-follow, easy-to-identify-with platform that makes the followers enthusiastic and PROUD to support the brand, claim the brand, and even evangelize the brand.

The Republican brand is more defined by Progressives than by the Republicans.  The Progressive version of the GOP is the party of hate, the party of racism and the party that hates the poor and loves the rich.  The Progressive version of the GOP is the party of Christian fanatics, of Gun-toting rednecks and white men afraid of losing their privileged status in a changing American demographic.

The GOP attempts to brand the Progressives have failed miserably.  It is difficult to brand the other side effectively when much of your party acts in the same way as the Progressives.  The Progressives do not act like Republicans.  They are consistently distinct from Republicanism.  The GOP is not consistently distinct from Progressivism.

The Progressive branding of the GOP also has resonance because there are examples in the GOP that actually fit the Progressive caricature.  There ARE racists in the GOP (of course, there are a lot more in the Progressive Party, but they more effectively conceal their racism).  There ARE Limousine Republicans in the GOP who really are largely acting to further the agenda of their powerful, corporatist benefactors.

The GOP tries to brand Progressives as being Anti-American, Socialist, Statist, Anti-Christian, ruthless unethical operatives, and Anti-Constitutionalists.  In point of fact, all of these ‘qualities’ are true of progressivism.  It is a godless ideology based on the belief that man can create perfection through a central authority that dictates an egalitarian, secular way of life on citizens who do not have the capability of making decisions that will benefit the collective.

But Progressives don’t have to stand on their true ideology.  Their very ethos gives them permission to lie, obfuscate, cheat, steal, murder, destroy in the name of the Utopian end game they are convinced will occur if they can just neutralize the opposition to their grand plan.  They can use the very language of liberty to call on people emotionally to support plans that contradict the very words they use.

One of the reasons they are so free to do so is that the opposition is not clearly defined, even within its own body.  What does it mean to be a Republican?  We have, in OUR party, leaders (actually, most of the leaders fall in to this category) who do not consistently demonstrate the values of individual liberty and republicanism.

If the GOP wants to claim the mantle of individual liberty and classical republicanism, they cannot.  Their votes, their programs, their assaults on Constitutionalists within their own party, don’t give them a consistent image they can stand on.  It is EASY for progressives to create the GOP brand because progressive messaging is remarkably consistent while the GOP’s message is remarkably inconsistent.

For a while, I have been calling on the creation of a third party.  As a matter of fact, I have been calling on the creation of a third party right up to the moment I sat down to write this article.  The results of the Virginia Election November 5th, 2013 (I am writing this article on November 6th, 2013), pushed me even further to call on the formation of a third party.

The GOP establishment pulled back funding of Ken Cuccinelli, calling the race unwinnable.  Cuccinelli ended up losing by 2 percentage points, with the ‘Libertarian’ grabbing 6 percent of the vote.  It is clear to those of us who have been following this race and how the leadership in the GOP (at the National and Virginia State levels) has been an unenthusiastic supporter of Cuccinelli because he didn’t fit into their brand of the GOP (progressive GOP).  He was a “Tea Party” candidate, a Constitutionalist, who also had strong stances on the major social issues of our time, Gay Marriage and Abortion.

A good friend of mine, Daria Novak, wrote a very encouraging note right after this election.  She was rallying the troops, getting ready for the next spate of elections, working diligently to take back the Republican Party at the local level across the state of Connecticut.  I loved her response, but, I was so focused on the idea that we NEEDED to form a third party for true Constitutionalists that I wrote this response:

Don’t trust or count on the GOP. VA should remove all doubts. The GOP is not our friend. And Libertarians better decide if they’d rather have a social conservative or a prog. In VA, apparently they chose the prog. They are extreme on social issues.

I did not expect the response I got back from Daria, but her response caused me to step back and rethink my position:

Paul I am GOP. The national party is different than the local GOP. I don’t trust RNC to represent me, but I believe in the principles of the party and bottom-up government. I still am confident we can rebuild with our youth, and retake the Party. I don’t count on others much as those without a belief in something greater than government are serving a false god. The people must speak and act. When we do we will BE the Republican Party. As long as we sit idle we get what we deserve. We end up subjects, not citizens.

As I have been studying lately the formation of the Republican Party (in 1854), I am aware of the original ideals of the party that boldly stood up not only for ending slavery but ending oppression of a people based on the color of their skin.  This is a party that stood for a return to the Republic and away from the pure democracy the other side was advocating (the Democratic Party).  This is a party that stood up against the oppressive, unethical tactics of the party of Slavery and State control (the Democratic Party).

Do I want to surrender this party to the progressive GOP?  Do I want to walk away from the name Republican because a number of GOP progressives have contributed to sullying the name and making it easy for the Progressive Democrats to further sully the name?

Perhaps the analogy can be expressed by looking at our nation as a promise and the unfulfilled promise it remains today.  America has never fully lived up to the promise of individual liberty.  The America of the 20th Century has been a steady walk-away from the founding principles of individual liberty.  The America of the 21st Century is even more radically removed from its Original Spirit and Intent.

Does that mean that we abandon America, that we throw away the word America, or do we work harder to reclaim what is OURS?  This is how I am starting to think of the Republican Party.  It is OUR party, not theirs.  It is time for us to reclaim a name that the progressive GOP cannot really use, REPUBLICAN, as in the republican form of governance that is based on a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, a government that does not grant us rights but limits its power to respect our GOD-GIVEN rights.

This is why I now stand proudly as a REPUBLICAN.  I reclaim OUR name, the name formed by Constitutional Republicans to distinguish OUR party from the party of the control of the many by the few, the Democratic Party.  The very name Democrat connotes Mob Rule, the oppression of the minority view, the creation of a winner-take-all approach to politics that is absolutely at odds with Republicanism, a system designed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

This is what my brother, William Collier, had to say about what it means to be a Republican:


What does it mean to be a “republican”?

It means you are for freedom and equal treatment and opportunity for all. 
It means you are against bigotry and tyranny. It means you take the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights seriously and see them as the highest law of the Land.
We have a politocracy instead of republicanism. The neocons and the progressives run a GOP establishment, but that does not make them Republican in their beliefs or behavior.
WE ARE REPUBLICANS, WE are the heirs of the abolitionists and the suffragettes. We are the heirs of the Revolution. We are the heirs of the Civil Rights advocates. We are the heirs of the opponents of the moneyed interests.
Republicans face a daunting task, taking back their national and state party apparatus from the quisling elites who have betrayed the very meaning of Republicanism founded in a righteous standard of government “with liberty and justice for all.”
Sons and Daughters of the Republic, rise up and vanquish the Politocracy, both within and without…..


I stand PROUDLY as a REPUBLICAN.  I call on true Constitutional Republicans to go out and RECLAIM OUR party, the party of individual liberty, the party of freedom, the party of power coming from below, not forced down from above.  I stand PROUDLY against all forms of Statism and Mob Rule as reflected in the Democratic Party and the Progressives, the GOP Progressives included.

It is time for us to form ONE VOICE, one consistent message through our words and our deeds that reflects the ideals of individual liberty, of republicanism, upon which this nation was founded.  It is time for us to consistently call out the GOP progressives and work to take back our party, our platform, our ideals so that no GOP progressive feels comfortable identifying themselves as Republican anymore, so they can leave our party and join their true allies, the Progressives of the Democratic Party.

It is time for us to learn who is truly for us and who is actually against us, to flush out the undercover operatives attempting to destroy OUR party from within.  To do this, we must learn once again what we stand for.  If you do not know your Constitution, learn it.  If you do not know the concept of Republicanism and Individual Liberty, you must educate yourself, and those of us who are educated must spread the gospel of Republicanism and Individual Liberty.

To know your enemy, you must know who your allies are.  Merely claiming to be a Republican is not enough.  Your actions must reflect the true values and standards of OUR party, the party of the people, the party of Constitutional Rule of Law.

I am going to end this article with a first step towards sharing that gospel by sharing some key highlights from the platform of the Republican Party in 1856 (the first Presidential Election the Republican Party participated in):

Resolved: That the maintenance of the principles promulgated in the Declaration of Independence, and embodied in the Federal Constitution are essential to the preservation of our Republican institutions, and that the Federal Constitution, the rights of the States, and the union of the States, must and shall be preserved.

Resolved: That, with our Republican fathers, we hold it to be a self-evident truth, that all men are endowed with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that the primary object and ulterior design of our Federal Government were to secure these rights to all persons under its exclusive jurisdiction; that, as our Republican fathers, when they had abolished Slavery in all our National Territory, ordained that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, it becomes our duty to maintain this provision of the Constitution against all attempts to violate it for the purpose of establishing Slavery in the Territories of the United States by positive legislation, prohibiting its existence or extension therein. That we deny the authority of Congress, of a Territorial Legislation, of any individual, or association of individuals, to give legal existence to Slavery in any Territory of the United States, while the present Constitution shall be maintained.

Resolved: That the Constitution confers upon Congress sovereign powers over the Territories of the United States for their government; and that in the exercise of this power, it is both the right and the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism — Polygamy, and Slavery.

Resolved: That while the Constitution of the United States was ordained and established by the people, in order to “form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty,” and contain ample provision for the protection of the life, liberty, and property of every citizen, the dearest Constitutional rights of the people of Kansas have been fraudulently and violently taken from them.

Early on, the TRUE Republican Party was the party of freedom and liberty for all, while the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and oppression, statism, and elitist control of the many by the patrician few.  Today, the Republican Party has been infiltrated by Progressives, but the ideals of OUR party still resonate with the core, a core not respected or represented by the leaders of a party whose values they do not respect or reflect.

The Democratic Party is still more or less the same anti-American, anti-liberty party it was in 1856.  It is time for the true Constitutional Republicans to reclaim the party of 1856 and make it the party of 2014.  It is time to reclaim OUR heritage, OUR party, for WE are the only hope for the restoration the fulfillment of the promise of America begun in 1776 with our Declaration of Independence.  We have failed, as a nation, in many ways, to live up to our standards.  But only the TRUE Republican Party, one that reflects the values of 1856, can work to bring this nation to the fulfillment of the promise of 1776 and the hope of 1791, a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, where liberty is the beginning and end of government.

It is time, my friends, to take back our party and our nation from the statists, the mobocracy champions, the political class elitists, the patricians that are all afraid of one thing- US- we the people of the true Republic.

“….restore the Union to its true mission of champion and promulgator of Liberty rather than propagandist of slavery.”- Horace Greeley- June, 1854

If you are ready to take this pledge, then you are a member of the TRUE Republican Party:

From William Collier:


I pledge allegiance to the original spirit and intent of our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights, rooted as they are in the inherent righteous standard for the nations, for freedom rooted in justice, liberty, and independence, to uphold the sanctity of the life, rights, and property of each person, from conception to natural death, against all hazards, by all reasonable and legitimate means, to uphold the preservation of our progeny against moral and physical abuses, from any source, and that without fear or compromise, to secure life, liberty, and equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness by all, with a truly republican and constitutionally limited government of the People, by the People, and For the People- SO HELP ME GOD!