The Loving Hate of the LeftPaul Gordon Collier- Have you seen the progressive, the pro-choice zealot, who likes to accuse pro-life advocates of not really loving life,  of only loving unborn life?  Well, I have an answer to these claimants of a doctrine of loving one another, and it reveals that their doctrine is NOT a doctrine of love, but a doctrine of targeted hate and targeted love.

There has been a consistent theme echoed by the ones who love people and want everyone to love one another and treat each other with equality and dignity. The dignity of life is one of the main themes of these champions of loving everyone.

This group cries out to the great unknown when anyone dares use a term like “illegal alien” or “anchor baby.” They call on the great force of justice to smother anyone in a sea of righteous fire who doesn’t see the dignity of everyone, especially those who fit into a special category, like minority or transgender or undocumented immigrant.

They cry out for the rights and dignity of all, no matter if they are from this country or not, that we should be looking at EVERYONE as individual human beings with all the dignity and equality of everyone else.

This loving group of people, who call on government agents with guns to make sure you and I are also equally as loving as them, likes to use their high moral authority to bring wrath on those wicked anti-abortionists who just care about babies being born, but hate babies after they’re born.

The Loving Hate of the Left 2Their great defense of the murdering of unborn babies is this- well, you guys don’t care about life after it’s born, you’re just a bunch of hypocrites. If you REALLY believed in the sacredness of life, as you and your dead religion claims you do, then you’d embrace life in ALL parts of life.

Now, for those who love everyone and want to force you, with a government gun, to love everyone else as well (because nothing says love your neighbor like a .40cal service pistol or an armed drone), once you dig a little deeper you will discover loving everyone and treating everyone means some very strange things.

First, if you love everyone and, rightly, want to make sure everyone else loves everyone, then you MUST support government programs, FEDERAL government programs to make sure that EVERYONE has a house, a job that pays a living wage, healthcare, unaccountable and government subsidized sexual activity, food, all levels of education, and freedom from the public expression of religion. In order to love others, you must HATE those who reject empowering the government to guarantee that everyone gets everything they need to be happy.

Second, you have to acknowledge that male and female are artificial constructions that limit our understanding of the pan-sexual, gender fluid true reality of what it means to be human. You must deny the expression of maleness and femaleness in its traditional form or else YOU are part of the oppressing class. If you really want to love one another, you must HATE people who cling to their ‘natural’ biology of maleness and femaleness.

Third, you have to acknowledge that marriage is simply a patriarchal construct designed to oppress women (it’s ok to us the term women if you are targeting the patriarchy). You must embrace sexual liberty and reject the old patriarchal construct of monogamy and traditional marriage. In order to love others, you must HATE those who embrace marriage, family, and the traditional definition of marriage.

Fourth, you have to acknowledge that science, reason and evolution are the keys to moving humanity towards a greater expression of more perfectly loving one another. All of those ancient, old-fashioned notions found in religion, ESPECIALLY the Christian religion, need to be rejected and silenced and prevented from having any voice in the planning and designing of our ever-perfecting collective expression of loving one another. In order for you to love one another, you must HATE the religious and all those who cling to their bibles and their worship of God.

The Loving Hate of the Left 4Fifth, you must acknowledge that there is something inherently racist about the white person, ESPECIALLY the male version (you can use the term male when it’s used to hate in the name of loving one another). White people have a long history of oppression and discrimination and should pay for their crimes and the crimes of all of their ancestors. Only when they reject their whitness and pay for the crimes of whitness both in the past and the present can white people be accepted as the demoralized and inferior race that they are. In order to love one another, you must HATE whiteness and anyone who rejects your calls to pay for the crimes of whitness ESPECIALLY if someone from one of the noble races, like the black race (ESPECIALLY the black race) rejects this anti-whitness doctrine.

The Loving Hate of the Left 5Lastly, you must acknowledge that life begins at the good will and grace of the woman who is carrying that life (again, you can use the term woman here because your expressing hate for unborn children). Human life is only lovable after one person, a woman, decides that it actually is human life. Unless the woman decides that the mass of goo insider her is actually her child that she will decide to love, or decide to bring in to the world to give up for adoption, than that life forming inside of her is not life at all, it’s just a cancer that should be destroyed, by any means necessary. You can cut it up in pieces while it is still alive. You can inject acid into it so it burns to death from the inside out. You can drill a hole into its skull. You can suction it out, tearing it apart as you do this. You can take that corpse and sell its parts. You can build a multi-billion dollar corporation around the murdering and selling of that unwanted, unloved mass of humanity. In order for you to love one another, you must HATE the unborn and ANYONE who dares stand up for their RIGHTS.

As you can see, the ones who love people, and want everyone else to love people as well, require a lot of hate to maintain that doctrine of love they claim. Their moral high ground is a ground of selective hate and selective love. Yes, if you care nothing about life after it’s born and everything about life before it’s born, you are, indeed a hypocrite. But then, if this is the group that is judging the standard of what it means to really love others, I’ll go right ahead and dismiss them from that conversation altogether.

You see, if you want to truly be consistent in your so-called loving doctrine, then you could not, you would not, whether you believe in God or not, embrace the murder of unborn, defenseless, innocent children in the name of ‘love.’ Your hypocrisy has led to a mass, worldwide genocide that dwarfs ALL other evil, unloving doctrines of the world combined. You, my so-called embracer of loving one another, are the ultimate hate machine.

For you, life is not dignified. For you, we are not equal. Equality and dignity are reserved only for those who embrace your REAL ideology, an ideology of hate that reduces people to objects, to pawns in a powerful, government-controlled machine. You are the hate that you think you are fighting against. The only truly loving thing for you to do is to reject your ideology of hate and embrace ALL life in ALL its stage, and embrace the value of the human for the sake of their humanness alone. But, in order to do that, you’d have to let go your god, the state.

One last note- you’ll say you don’t hate people, you only hate hatefulness.  When you practice and teach beliefs that lead to tbe demeaning of others because of their race, their religion, their sexuality, their unborn state, you are hating them with every fiber in your body.  To find a person lacking because of their individual actions is one thing, to condemn whole people groups because of their identity or life status is simply hate.

Anyone who embraces these beliefs AND puts them to action is worthy of condemnation, not because of your identity or your life status, but because of your action.  Your action, friend, is an act of hate.